Medical Billing Service for Physician Practice and Ambulatory Surgery Centers Billing

Medical Practice Management Resources is a unique medical billing, coding and practice management consulting firm. As one of the top medical billing and coding companies, We employ experts in every aspect of practice management along with ambulatory surgery center billing and physician revenue management. Also, we have access to many resources to enable us to help clients improve profits and maintain patient satisfaction.

Our initial step with you is to perform a detailed review of your medical practice or ambulatory surgery center, what you may consider a comprehensive history and physical. Following the review, we create a strategic plan to shape your practice which will allow you to enjoy substantial financial and operational freedom with a state of the art medical billing and ambulatory surgery center billing service..

Choose MPMR so that you maintain a good name and steady revenue!

There are many reasons why you should choose Medical Practice Management Resources as one of the best medical billing and coding companies. Here are just a few of them:

  • Knowledge and Expertise – Our staff has over 30 years of experience!
  • U.S. Based – All of our professionals are based in America.
  • Premium Online Access – We get real-time reports for all things financial.
  • Top Clearing House – Our physician and ambulatory surgery center personnel work with the nation’s top clearing houses.
  • Premium Customer Service – We offer assurance of practice and patient satisfaction.
  • Superior Practice Management – Our staff is integrated and knowledgeable with many EMR’s and PMS’s.
  • Above and Beyond – most revenue management companies do not offer operational and consulting assistance. Not only does MPMR offer this expertise, the company has specific individuals who are experts in these functions.

Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help your practice succeed, making us one of the top medical billing and coding companies. Our staff is also based in the U.S.A., unlike most of our competitors. We offer premium online access for our clients, with real-time reports for patient balances, collections, accounts receivable, and more.

We work with top clearing houses, so that first rate physician and ambulatory surgery center revenue management is streamlined. Integration with many electronic medical records and practice management systems allows us effective manage patient information needed for operational and business purposes. Medical Practice Management Resources provides superior customer service so that your practice maintains a good name and steady revenue.

A physician with a traditional medical practice wants to maintain his or her practice and individuality. At the same time, there are many demands to running a medical practice that have brought new challenges to the healthcare delivery system. Advanced business knowledge is crucial to offering premium services and high performance achievement. It is crucial for medical practice management personnel to be aware of all regulatory changes (e.g. ICD-10) – not just how to cope with them, but how to benefit from them, as well.

The same goes for an ambulatory surgery center billing. Coding changes, facility management issues and dealing with patient customer service are all high priority. Yet the owners only have a limited amount of time to master ALL of them! MPMR works with ambulatory surgery centers nationwide and has the premier skill set to help yours succeed at the highest level financially and operationally.

At Medical Practice Management Resources, we are not only one of the best medical billing and coding companies, we are revenue management specialists – you become a top performing medical practice or ambulatory surgery center without comprising your philosophy and mission. We provide clear direction and administrative assistance so that everyone in the offices works toward the same goals.

Patients continue to receive the best care, your employees grow proud of where they work and what they do, and physicians are able to enjoy an incredible sense of accomplishment and career satisfaction when you choose MPMR professional physician billing and ambulatory surgery center billing service.

Our passion is giving your medical practice and/or ambulatory surgery center billing the boost it needs while engaging your team to provide the best patient care possible!

Our Expertise

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