The success and financial strength of your Oncology practice is directly related to timely billing and account reimbursement. MPMR Medical Billing has years of experience providing coding and billing services to oncology providers. Hiring a skilled, quality billing service is the most important decision you could make regarding your oncology practice. Because oncology billing is a complex and difficult specialty, coding and billing must be specialty-specific. Our trained and experienced billing and coding professionals understand the oncology business. With us, you don’t have to worry about denied or mis-adjudicated claims.
At MPMR Medical Billing, we offer comprehensive coding and billing, collections, and practice management services to oncology health providers. We provide a complimentary initial evaluation of your practice and accounts receivable. We are serious about getting you paid! Expect these things from our expert billing and coding staff:

we give you the best of us

Why Work With MPMR?

MPMR Medical Billing will work with your practice to educate your staff on the best practices and procedures in oncology billing. Our certified coders can identify areas for improvement, and they have years of experience in handling coding and billing processes to ensure that you receive reimbursements on time. Our extensive oncology knowledge allows our billing professionals the ability to meet the demands of oncology providers and diagnostic centers.
The benefits of working with MPMR Medical Billing are:

We Focus on Reimbursement

Oncology billing processes can be quite cumbersome for physicians and patients. The chemotherapies and radiology treatments all sum up to make a very hefty amount, so many oncologists want the coverage for cancer treatment to be affordable enough to ensure that physicians maintain a healthy financial status. To ensure that you get reimbursed for your services, our billing team can help you:

Complete treatment notes along with chemo, infusion, and hydration – When billing for a diagnosis, many physicians often leave out negative findings because they consume a lot of time. However, tests and examinations for diagnosing negative findings are part of the services provided. Leaving these out could mean the physician gets paid less. We take the time to make sure all notes are complete to match chemo, infusion, and hydration services.

List accurate units of drugs – There are many factors involved in listing the number of units relative to drugs. A common billing mistake is documenting drugs with incorrect drug units. We focus on HCPCS specific billing units to assure that you get reimbursed for all drugs used.

Bill with accurate place of service – The place of service is an important element in the oncology billing process and reimbursement. The place of service provides essential information regarding the types of services given. We make sure that your billing is coded appropriately to cover your place of service.

The oncology billing company you use should increase your reimbursements. Whether you own a private practice or work in a group, we aim to get you a 35 percent claims adjustment rate. MPMR Medical Billing can help you achieve higher than average AR rates, which means stability for your oncology practice.