OB/GYN Medical Billing
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In order to bill to an insurance company, medical practices will use specified billing codes for any diagnoses and/or procedures that are run during a patient’s visit. The ICD-10-PCS lists these codes and their corresponding procedures and diagnoses.

The first character is representative of the category under which the procedure falls. For example, the number 0 represents the Medical and Surgical category; 1 represents Obstetrics; B represents Imaging, etc. The second character represents the body system the procedure or Ob Gyn Medical Billing Companydiagnosis affects. The Central Nervous System is coded 00 and the Peripheral Nervous System is coded 01.

Each character builds upon the one that came previously. The third character is determined by the root operation, and the fourth is established by the body part being affected. The fifth character is decided by the approach to the procedure, which is open or percutaneous, etc. The sixth character is determined by the device used to perform the procedure. The seventh character is used as a qualifier in order to provide the biller with any other pertinent information about the procedure.

According to the ICD-10-PCS, OB/GYN services are coded beginning with the number “1” and continuing on based upon the type of procedure being performed. The pregnancy category uses the code 10 at the beginning. The following are a list of common beginnings of codes falling under Obstetrics, Pregnancy, according to the ICD-10-PCS:

Each of the characters in the code builds upon the characters that came before it. This provides a unique code that corresponds to a unique procedure that can show the insurance company a detailed description of the procedure in order to ensure a standardized billing practice.

With OB/GYN services, not all of the billing codes are necessary. For example, a billing cycle would not show the billing code for both an abortion and a delivery because the deliver procedure would be unnecessary if an abortion was performed.

Additionally, Obstetric procedures or non-obstetric procedures required as a direct result of obstetric procedures all fall under the categories listed above. Billing codes for these procedures should be representative of the specific procedure being performed.

Billing for OB/GYN services is specific and tedious, but unique codes provide the insurance companies as well as the medical billing specialists with the correct information to bill procedures accurately, so that patients and insurance companies are not charged for erroneous procedures.
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