Every physician swears to uphold the Hippocratic Oath. Nowhere in this oath is there mention of the burden of medical practice management responsibilities, such as staff scheduling and management, administrative tasks, and operational systems.

For over 20 years, Medical Practice Management Resources has helped healthcare providers and ambulatory surgery centers nationwide enhance their practices through our individualized system and solution services.

No other revenue management or practice management company offers such comprehensive services designed to increase efficiency, streamline practice operations, improve overall patient satisfaction, and allow you to do what you were trained to do – practice medicine.

Our practice management services are completely guaranteed. Also, our qualified, experienced professionals are dedicated to one goal – helping you take care of business.

Medical Billing, Practice Management and Support Services


The administration personnel at MPMR analyze your practice or facility with a thorough assessment and physical examination. We look for problems and offer real solutions. Every aspect of your practice is evaluated, and we document our findings in a systematic way with detailed, descriptive reports. Our practice assessment is the most complete and comprehensive analysis of your medical practice that is available.

Billing and Coding

Our professionals are affiliated with the Medical Group Management Association and credentialed with the National Association of Healthcare Consultants. Our staff are specially trained in healthcare reimbursement, including billing, coding, and administration. We have been successfully delivering accurate revenue management services to our clients for many years.

MPMR currently has an experienced staff of over 65 employees. Our personnel are certified multispecialty coding specialists, and our financial management department specializes in professional analysis of fee billing operations and physician reimbursement.

Through the use of cutting edge computer technology and up-to-date provision services, MPMR is able to provide more effective and efficient real-time online access to patient accounts and client data systems.


For those clients who need someone to help them keep score, Medical Practice Management Resources provides that service in a way that is unlike accounting firms. Our financial advisors use accepted accounting protocols for reporting periodic operational gains and losses, and we prepare these in a format that explains where the money went.

This allows non-accountant healthcare professionals to understand the monthly practice management reports. These reports can be customized to your practice or facility and come in very handy for making strategic decisions.


After the on-site visit and assessment, the administration consulting expert will sit down with you and go over what was found – both the good and the bad. Our healthcare consultants operate under the premise that you will want to hear what needs done and how we plan to do it.

Working with your current staff and management personnel, we provide a comprehensive written report, detailed practice recommendations, and a doable plan for implementation. We have the training and expertise to recognize the sources of the problems so that we can assist you with reasonable solutions. Read more about our Operations Management Consulting HERE.

Contracts & Credentialing

Working through insurance contracts is time consuming, stressful and repetitive. It helps to have a knowledgeable, experienced team on your side. That is what MPMR is – your expert team for assisting with your contracting.

In addition, credentialing for physicians is also an arduous process. Why not leave it up to a group of veteran experts who have been skillfully handling credentialing for over fifteen years. Unlike most medical billing companies, not only does MPMR handle insurance contracts and credentialing well, it is one of the company’s strengths. Read more about MPMR Contracts & Credentialing HERE.

Specialty Areas

Our Expertise

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