Medical Billing Service

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At MPMR, we simplify medical billing service and enhance revenue with faster, more accurate claims. Customized services and dedicated, trained coders and billing specialists are what make us a distinguished medical billing services firm in Sacramento. MPMR medical billing service reduces denials and increases collections. Our team has a sole purpose – to improve your bottom line. They review and submit all claims to ensure that carriers are paying correctly and to prevent incorrect adjustments. Our medical billing services team in Sacramento stays updated on any changes in coding and billing regulations. You can entrust your medical billing service to us and focus on your practice and patients.

Revenue Enhancement as a Top Billing Specialist

With all of the pressures you face running your practice or ambulatory surgery center in the most profitable, efficient manner; you shouldn’t have to worry about medical billing. At MPMR, our specialists enable you to focus more on patient care while we provide you with the responsive, elite medical billing service you need.

Our revenue enhancement services include:

  • Strategic pricing – This is a process that considers market conditions, administrative input, pricing survey data, and net revenue at the departmental and procedural levels.
  • Group Fee Schedule Development – As a medical group, you need a more strategic pricing methodology to effectively increase your profit margin. We consider several factors, including third-party payer reimbursement and strategic pricing options and constraints.
  • Coding analysis – Our consultants provide certain recommendations that will improve the charging process and increase accuracy of ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding.

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Fee Analysis

[vc_column_text]Are your practice fees below similar specialties in your area? Do you notice that payers do not reimburse your practice for the correct amount?

With the latest medical billing services in Sacramento, MPMR offers complete fee schedule analysis of your current fees versus the carrier allowed amounts and adjust your fees accordingly. This ensures that your fees are above the carrier’s reimbursement for services you provide.[/vc_column_text]

Certified Coding under AAPC Standards


The MPMR coders are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and understand the entire business side of provider care. All of our certified coders demonstrate strong hands-on and working knowledge of coding to support faster reimbursement, cleaner claim submission, and fewer denials, making MPMR the leading medical billing service in the United States.


Accounts Receivable Management

[vc_column_text]The health of your medical practice relies on effective accounts receivable management. MPMR is a leading provider for accounts receivable management solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we employ a staff of knowledgeable professionals that provide you with seamless solutions to increase effectiveness and returns.[/vc_column_text]

Complete Auditing


Quality health care is based on complete and accurate clinical documentation that supports billing and coding, as well as fees and reimbursements. To improve your clinical documentation and the livelihood of your medical practice, MPMR offers complete auditing services along with medical billing service.

Careful analysis of coding, fees, claims, collections, and reimbursements allows us to provide you a detailed report on ways to improve the financial health of your organization.



Billing and Collections

[vc_column_text]Using state-of-the art computer software interface solutions and electronic claims processing, MPMR offers medical billing services in Sacramento and collections services like physician billing service and ambulatory surgery center billing service that gives you higher revenue and an increased profit margin.

Our medical billing service and collections system manages workflow and creates operational efficiencies for your healthcare facility. Fully integrated medical billing service and collections system provides you with a comprehensive solution that will increase profitability and productivity of your medical practice.

MPMR offers medical billing services in Sacramento to a broad range of practice areas:[/vc_column_text]

Specialty Areas

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Our Expertise
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