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In today’s business environment, marketing is more important now than ever. And make no mistake about it – a medical practice is a business! From increased regulations and reimbursements to sophisticated technology, the world of healthcare is always changing. This is why MPMR works close with each of our clients to effectively market the healthcare facility and physicians who work there.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People are searching online for everything, including a good doctor. MPMR uses search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your website and steer patients to your practice. We know your target customers and understand keyword search trends. With effective SEO measures, we bring patients in so that you can enjoy practice success.

Website Development

Does your website consistently send you new patients? At MPMR, we offer proven web-based marketing strategies to give you practice maximization that will transform your website into a 24/7 marketing tool. A successful brand is not just a quick tagline or cool logo – it is a complex number of aspects designed to satisfy the wants and needs of potential and current patients. Our website development services will allow your medical practice to move to the next level.

Establishing Referral Patterns

A key characteristic of a successful medical practice is a good referral system. MPMR helps with establishing referral patterns. The way you do this is to provide excellent care, communicate well, and be available.  Whether you are starting out or own an established practice, we can help improve referrals to your facility.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is a collection of media that is used to support the promotion of your medical services. These sales aides make your marketing efforts more effective and easier.

The brand of your company relies on marketing collateral. MPMR offers:

  • Sales brochures and patient information packets
  • Visual aids
  • Website content
  • Demonstration scripts
  • And more!



Our Expertise
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