Contracts & Credentialing

Our highly accomplished medical contracting and credentialing experts have an established track record for provision of effective results in many areas, including contract review and negotiations, credentialing applications, and practice management consulting. MPMR has a full staff for physician credentialing services, which is time consuming and detail oriented. Let us take care of the minutiae!

 Contract Review and Negotiations

Don’t put off raising fees or accept all insurance plans just out of concern for the patients. Not all contract negotiations lead to success. This is why MPMR offers contract review and negotiation services to help you with this process and improve reimbursement for your services.

Our medical contract consultants do not only schedule renegotiations at contract renewals, but we also use leverage points to maximize your contracts during normal contracting terms.

Payer evaluation, contracting, and renegotiations are critical to the success of your medical practice. Physicians need to do everything in their power to collect and retain as much revenue as possible.

Many offices have never renegotiated their contracts, and few medical practices actually do this on an annual basis. Don’t miss out on additional revenue that could greatly impact your practice.

Our contracting and negotiating services include:

  • Payer Contract Evaluations
  • Payer Contract Negotiations
  • Annual Insurance Renegotiation
  • ASC Contracting and Negotiation

Renegotiation of Contracts

Successful renegotiation of your insurance contracts has a usual yield of 10 percent. This is money that many offices lose because they do not take the time or have the expertise required for renegotiations of existing contracts.

MPMR obtains increases for our clients and will let you know if this service is right for you. Insurance companies are tightening up on reimbursement, so it is necessary that you utilize experts who are well versed in the strategies of contracting and negotiations. We have the tools, resources, and relationships necessary to provide you with quantifiable results that greatly impact the bottom line.

Credentialing and Assistance with Applications

Credentialing has become a key element of your revenue cycle, as it is a very labor intensive process for most medical practices. Many of our clients have told us that we helped stabilize and increase revenue with our credentialing services. One of the main components in doing this is that we ensure the credentialing in a timely manner and done properly.

MPMR credentialing services include:

  • Physician Practice Start-Up
  • Annual Credentialing Maintenance
  • Physician Insurance Enrollment
  • Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Credentialing
  • Medicare Enrollment

Our Expertise

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