5 Mistakes in Family Practice Billing

5 Mistakes in Family Practice Billing

Family practice doctor treats patients in all stages of life and their work involves more than one medical field. The medical billing for such practices should be undertaken by someone who has the knowledge of the various procedure and diagnosis codes.

Complete knowledge and coding skills can ensure that the physicians receive the reimbursement they deserve. Here is a quick look at 5 common billing mistakes many family practices make.


Patients and insurance companies may be billed less than what they should be when your medical billers are not aware of the rules for services you perform. An absence of understanding of the incident to billing rules and shared visit regulations can cause under-billing and a considerable revenue loss.

Form Errors

The number of people coming and going in a busy family practice can be overwhelming. It is not uncommon to miss some important details required for medical billing documentation and forms. Even a minor mistake, like a name misspelt, can lead to the claim’s denial and refiling can cost you a lot.

Coding Errors

An incorrect code in a claim can cause it to be denied. It has to be then corrected and rebilled. Up-coding is also a serious coding mistake. Billing a patient for a level of service they did not receive can be considered a fraud and this is a serious offense.

Lax Audit of Charts

Auditing patient charts is critical to family practice billing. An audit tracks all parts of a claim and confirms that everything is billed properly. An example of an error here is when a test or procedure gets canceled but the patient still gets billed. This can lead to fraud charges.

Not Checking and Confirming Patient Insurance

Claims may also get rejected due to lack of proper coverage or discontinuation or changes in patient’s insurance. These factors can make a patient ineligible for the services they received. This can occur even when a patient is a regular recipient of your services if their coverage changes. So, your staff needs to verify this, every time a patient comes in.

A great solution to avoid these five mistakes is to hire a professional family practice medical billing service. They have a large number of employees who are trained and experienced in accurate medical coding, billing, claims processing and follow ups.

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