Improve AR Follow Up and Denial Management in Medical Billing

Improve AR Follow Up and Denial Management in Medical Billing

The AR (Accounts Receivables) management process begins after the Provider creates and sends health insurance claims to various insurance companies. Depending on the transmission type and time elapsed since submission, you need to follow-up your claims.

In medical billing and revenue management, there are 2 types of claims follow ups –

  • No remark claims – A claim in which no status is known for the claim
  • Last Remark Claims – Unpaid claims which remain unpaid but can be followed up

A large percentage of all claims submitted to the payers are denied. But you can resubmit those claims or appeal their denial. Unfortunately, due to reasons such as, lack of sufficient billing staff, busy practice, lack of knowledge of regulations and compliance, almost a half of denied claims are never re-submitted. An even larger percentage have a high likelihood of being recovered if duly followed up and accurately submitted in the first place.

This is where a professional medical billing service can help you – accurate and timely billing, follow-ups on Accounts Receivables and Revenue Cycle Management. Here is a closer look at some great benefits of medical billing services in Accounts Receivables Management.

Follow-up with Payer

The medical billing service employees aggressively follow up with the insurance company on all accounts.

Claim Closure

The medical billing service’s AR team will help in reducing days in AR, claims submission and improving collection ratio. Profitability improves through timely follow ups.

Benefits of Professional Medical Billing Service

  • Reduction in accounts receivable by 30% within 1 month
  • Low Accounts Receivable recovery cost
  • Expert handling of claims and accounts receivable by trained and experienced staff
  • Working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R
  • Revenue cycle management
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