Get Paid Faster with Electronic Claim Submission

Get Paid Faster with Electronic Claim Submission

Electronic claim submission not only makes the claim submission more organized and error-free, it also helps you navigate the common problem areas associated with the traditional submission process. This allows you to get paid faster.

Faster Submission

Electronic claims processing means access to all your billing and claims information in one place. You can populate electronic forms for inputting necessary information in all the right places. This will improve clean claim rates, reduce the need and frequency of troubleshooting, and help in bridging revenue gaps.

Stay Ahead on Coding and Billing Changes

Drug rehabilitation billing utilizes many codes and code combinations and payers are very specific about these codes. Electronic claim submission platforms help you adjust and submit your claims as soon as you identify any changes in the payer’s coding requirements. This allows you to speed up the process.

Improved Understanding

Insurance billing is already complex and increasingly becoming more difficult to navigate. To stay ahead of payer-specific and other changes without a disruption in your payments or a dip in your revenue, it is ideal that you submit your claims electronically. Electronic claim submission lets you know in time if a claim has been rejected, compared to traditional means.

Since your in-house billing teams already have their hands full with patient admission, care and follow-ups, most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are now outsourcing their medical billing to a professional drug rehabilitation clinic billing company, such as MedPMR, to streamline billing and collections, using electronic claims processing. This also ensures that your office staff have more time to focus on your patients.

Overall, these measures help to improve your drug rehab’s reputation as well as financial health.


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