Exploring the Benefits of Hiring Professional Medical Marketing Services

Exploring the Benefits of Hiring Professional Medical Marketing Services

Do you remember the days when marketing a medical practice was as simple as word of mouth or a coupon mailer? Advancements in technology and the availability of information on the internet shifted the way marketing and advertising work. Today, medical marketing services involve a lot more online aspects than they did a few years ago.

Medical Marketing Services offered

For some medical practice owners, this presents a problem, as they do not know a lot about online marketing. Fortunately, there are professionals you can hire to do the marketing for you, and there are a lot of benefits to taking this step.


Did you know Google processes more than 3 billion searches every day and more than 1 trillion searches every year? Unsurprisingly, many potential patients turn to the internet to find a doctor or medical practice for their needs. For example, someone in need of plastic surgery would perform a search such as “plastic surgeons” or “local plastic surgeons” to find someone in the area. Making sure your medical practice or doctor information comes up when people perform this type of search is part of medical marketing.

Negative Reviews

Moreover, you also want to make sure nothing negative comes up about your medical practice (or yourself) when someone does a search on you specifically. Patients who are happy with your services may leave a positive review on the internet to encourage other people to seek medical care from you. Unhappy patients, however, are more likely to leave a negative review. If a wealth of negative information comes up when people look into you or your practice, they might seek medical care elsewhere.

Social Media

Visibility on social media is also crucial when marketing a medical practice. People spend a lot of time on websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Some even use Facebook as a substitute for a phone book when they look for businesses close to home. So, your medical practice must have a presence on major social media platforms, as well. Fortunately, this is also something a marketing professional could set up for you.


Medical marketing is the easiest way to grow your practice. It increases the exposure of your practice and brings in new patients. Basically, you must keep in mind that acquiring new patients requires patients knowing your practice is an option. If you rely on passing traffic or word of mouth, you limit your patient growth to people who know current patients or people who commute past your practice on a regular basis. Hiring a marketing service and taking the marketing of your practice to the internet allows you to expand who knows your practice is an option for their care.

Any truly successful marketing plan takes time. Even if you hire a professional marketing company, you will not get instant results. When toying with the possibility of hiring a professional to market your practice, it helps to consider it as an investment in the growth and well-being of your practice as opposed to a business expense.

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