Medical Billing for Corrective Plastic Surgery

Medical Billing for Corrective Plastic Surgery

Corrective Plastic Surgery Billing ProcessEfficient billing practices allow for stronger corrective plastic surgery practice financial health. On the forefront of practice management is appropriate reimbursement. With MPMRI Medical Billing, our focus is on ensuring denial-free claims and an increase in revenue for your practice. A smooth billing process is essential for gaining the edge over competitors. We understand the details and intricacies that go into the process of plastic surgery billing, and this is how our experience and expertise makes a difference. Our coding and billing team is adept and keeps abreast of the latest changes in the healthcare industry. If you wish to experience uninterrupted cash flow and lower your rate of denials, partner with a company who has a tried-and-true track record.

Plastic surgery is a field of medicine that is usually identified with looks-enhancement procedures. However, many patients seek the services of a plastic surgeon to address genuine health concerns, such as reconstruction. Because of the nature of the plastic surgery, it is often a challenge for surgeons to show that procedures were done for medical reasons and not purely cosmetic purposes. This is where MPMRI Medical Billing comes in. Incorrect verification from insurance could lead to total loss of reimbursement. Avoid oversights in coding and documentation so you get reimbursed for your time, effort, and skill.


Reconstructive Procedures and Claim-Related Requirements

MPMRI Medical Billing services cover the entire range of claim-related requirements for corrective plastic surgery, starting with patient enrollment and eligibility verification to post-submission follow-up. With years of experience in corrective plastic surgery cases in insurance claim preparation and submission, our billing professionals understand the nature of this profession. We deliver results through a consulting model that helps you streamline your revenue management cycle by recommending appropriate software and training where required.


Problem areas of revenue leakage could involve:

  • Breast reconstruction – This plastic surgery procedure is a complex reconstructive health-related procedure. The patient’s health risks must be addressed in the documentation to cover services. The physician is often presented with challenges of separating parts of the procedure that are covered by insurance and the parts that are not. Our coders and billers can handle these complexities to help you prepare a clean claim with little chances for denial.
  • Palatoplasty – Repair of a cleft palate is not a purely cosmetic procedure. Many aspects of palatoplasty are reconstructive in nature, and our medical billing staff is skilled in identifying these issues. Our coders and billers have knowledge of separating the portions of the procedure that have a reconstructive character so insurance eligibility is not an issue.
  • Blepharoplasty – To correct droopy, hooded eyelids involves surgical correction of a real defect that could potentially damage eyesight. When billing for this procedure, it needs to be clear to the insurance carrier that this surgery had a reconstructive component.
  • Rhinoplasty – To correct a deviated septum, or repair the nostrils so the patient can breathe freely, a rhinoplasty may be necessary. The insurance company needs to understand that improper alignment is affecting nose functioning. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, but plastic surgeons can be reimbursed when there is a reconstructive element.


Benefits of using MPMRI Medical Billing

When you partner with MPMRI Medical Billing, you get a company capable of delivering many benefits to your corrective plastic surgery practice. These include:

  • The decrease in clients’ operating and overhead costs by outsourcing to our professional coding and billing team.
  • Reduction in accounts receivables related to negligible percentage, with the completion of claim cycle within 60 days.
  • Continued research on coding rules, regulations, guidelines, and changes.
  • Application of necessary modifiers so no claims are denied.
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