Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

MPMR Medical Billing offers services, filing, and scheduling solutions for mental health care. We offer comprehensive practice management that includes having a live person answer your phones, schedule appointments, and provide easy-to-use e-filing of billing claims. Our support staff will ensure that all your claims are submitted timely and correctly, and we deal with any rejected or denied claims. In addition, we send your patients detailed statements for outstanding balances.


Medical Records for Mental Health ServicesPhone and Scheduling Services, Electronic Medical Records, and Billing Solutions

We can answer your phones at a small fraction of the cost of employing a receptionist. Our receptionists work exclusive with mental health providers, and they focus on providing the highest level of friendliness and service when taking patient calls. In addition, we provide scheduling services, allows existing and new clients to make appointments according to your directions and instructions. Imagine never missing a phone call or losing new clients because of missed opportunities.

Managing patient files has never been easier. With MPMR Medical Billing, we provide a secure, web-based electronic medical records (EMR) system to help manage your schedule, keep up-to-date client records, and provide valuable information regarding your practice. For larger agencies, our EMR system allows you to better supervise employees with built-in human resource components, such as employee files and payroll options.

Our mental health billing services allow you to get paid easier, faster, and without denied claims. Our EMR system automatically generates claims that are submitted electronically to your insurance payers. Our billing specialists review information to assure that all services are reimbursable based on diagnosis and documentation. We also send statements to the patients to collect deductibles and outstanding balances.


Benefits of working with our Billing Company

The financial strength and longevity of your mental health practice are correlated with timely, accurate billing and appropriate account reimbursement. We bring years of experience to mental health billing, understanding the complexities of this field and the various use of codes and modifiers. Mental health specialists provide many social and mental health services to patients. Because services are sometimes provided at multiple facilities, payer guideline requirements can apply. Carrying out accurate mental health billing requires trained and certified professionals, and we strive to ensure that reimbursements are received on time.


The benefits of working with MPMR Medical Billing include:

  • 24/7 accessibility to your patient data and financial records
  • Improved income and collections
  • Accelerated payments and reduced stress
  • Full financial and practice management reporting
  • Transparency throughout the revenue cycle


A Comprehensive Billing Service

MPMR Medical Billing offers comprehensive mental health billing services. Our advanced technology and software are designed specifically for mental health providers. We include full electronic claims and accounts receivable management. In addition, our certified professional coders will get you maximum reimbursement. We make it easy for you to maintain your practice and take all the worries out of medical billing.

If you choose MPMR Medical Billing, we will ensure that your business and client information is kept confidential. We are HIPAA compliant and focus on security and confidentiality. In addition, we make collection calls on all delinquent accounts. Before calling, we fully research all aspects of the account. We gain permission from your office before we send out any patient bills or send accounts to collections.

With MPMR Medical Billing, we are responsible for the costs of billing, including delivery, postage, HICFA forms, general supplies, and billing software. We set up your practice within our system, and get a steady cash flow going in no time. Once payments start coming into your office, we will send a bill at the end of the month based on a percentage of revenues.

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