Medical Billing for Emergency Medicine

Medical Billing for Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine groups face many unique challenges in today’s ever-changing healthcare arena. The group has obligations to its hospital partners, as well as its patients. AT the same time, emergency medicine has unique requirements, priorities, and needs, such as coding and billing. At MPMR Medical Billing, we recognized these challenges and work with your emergency medicine group to solve them. If you need a reimbursement solution for your emergency medicine billing problems, we are ready to help today!


Medical Billing Services Emergency MedicineYour practice deserves a billing process tailored to your emergency medical needs. Some of our solutions include:

  • Emergency medicine billing technology that links directly to other systems.
  • Technical capabilities to easily interface with your EMR, ADT, or charge capture systems.
  • Flexible processes that adjust to your workflow with special attention to where and when your staff and doctors wish to be involved.
  • Emergency medicine reports that are translated to proper coding by our certified coders.
  • A range of practice management services.


Billing Performance and Results

With MPMR Medical Billing, you can expect strong delivery on collections every day. The core of our operating process is a relentless focus on accounts receivable. Results can be seen with net collections rates in the mid to high 90s, days in A/R less than 30s, and bad debt percentage under 3%. In addition, you can expect to see a 30 percent increase in your cash flow with our billing and coding services.

Currently, hospitals require increasing amounts of information to support coding and billing patterns, and these needs are escalating monthly. Clinical quality and outcome measures and payment information must correspond appropriately, not just for your group, but for your referring physicians and payers. In the emergency department environment, physician groups need a billing service that has knowledge of the changing regulatory and customer requirements. We work with each client to make sure you see results for all your hard work and efforts.


Coding for Emergency Medicine

Accurate coding is a necessary part of every successful emergency medicine practice. Coding supports all emergency care services. MPMR Medical Billing strives to meet the needs of the emergency medical providers, as well as large and small emergency departments. Accuracy in coding means peace of mind for our clients. Backlogged or improper coding can mean lost revenue, delayed reimbursement, and liability during an audit. This is why you can trust our billing services for timely, accurate, and auditable coding services that capture your earned revenue.

Staying on top of regulatory and procedural changes related to physician coding is a full-time job, and your ED team does not have time for this. We offer a non-stop commitment to monitoring industry sources, regulatory developments, and payer guidelines to ensure our coding practices are up-to-date. We focus on eliminating coding-related denials and rejected claims. Our clients also enjoy a customized approach to our service process. We stablish a process that works for your group or department, so you can focus on emergency medicine and patient care.


We Can Resuscitate your Emergency Care Practice

Resolve your revenue cycle issues with a 24/7 emergency medicine billing service you can rely on. Here is what MPMR  Medical Billing offers:

  • CEDC certified coders, specializing in facility and professional coding for emergency departments.
  • Proven E/M coding expertise for emergency medicine.
  • Monitoring of payment variances and optimal reimbursement.
  • Lose review of charts to ensure that all services are captured and coded.
  • Knowledge of hospital and individual provider billing.
  • Trend analysis and denial auditing services to prevent denials.

Compliance with all industry standards and billing regulations.

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