Medical Billing for Internal Medicine

Medical Billing for Internal Medicine

An internal medicine practice often faces billing coverage challenges that other specialties do not have. This is because an internist is usually the first physician to see the patient and diagnose a complaint. The internist often has to run a variety of tests to make the initial diagnosis before referring the patient to a specialist. In addition, an internal medicine practice treats every body system, and this involves many diseases, conditions, and associated complaints.

Internal medicine providers often attempt preliminary tests, treatments, and procedures to resolve a particular health problem, and then still need to refer the patient to another specialist. These intermediate steps in treatment require an experienced billing service with expertise in the complicated collaboration among healthcare professionals. Medical Practice Management Resources, Inc. Medical Billing has years of experience in internal medicine coding and billing.

Our Services for Internal Medicine Clients


Medical BillingMPMRI Medical Billing has made it a priority to create and build on a specialized and sophisticated knowledge base to offer internal medicine providers responsible and reliable billing support. We make an extensive and proactive investment in state of the art billing technology, which allows us to give internal medicine appropriate reimbursement for each patient. In addition, we use processes described in the billing industry as “best practices” related to charge reconciliation, charge capture, claims submission, and denial management. We also perform an extensive series of front-end audits and edits to provider cleaner claims and fewer re-files.



The industry’s main claims strategies are used by MPMRI Medical Billing to maximize positive billing outcomes and result in higher approval rates and claims clearance. Our methods have a 97 percent first-pass claims return that translates into stable, health accounts receivable for the client. We also offer internal medicine physician credentialing and re-credentialing so there is no interruption in claim submission.

Benefits of using Medical Practice Management Resources, Inc. Medical Billing

MPMRI Medical Billing technology links directly to your office or hospital systems to capture patient demographics, insurance information, and medical records. We interface with many handheld devices and electronic systems to capture charge data on-site. Our scan technology and workflow optimization means the patient data is entered faster and with fewer errors. In addition to lower billing costs, our service to billing intervals is measured in hours, not days.

Your staff and physicians need to concentrate on patient care. Our internal medicine billing service allows for increased collections, reduced days outstanding in accounts receivable, and a 30 percent increase in revenue. Your practice will enjoy a steady cash flow, without disruptions in patient care. You retain visibility and control, while we design a complete revenue cycle process that is custom-fit for your internal medicine practice.

Offering Superior Results with Optimized Workflow Method

Optimized internal medicine workflows by submitting claims electronically the same day. A charge is entered, and the batch is verified. Payments can be applied fast using electronic carriers with automatic reconciliation and procedures optimized for each payer. With secondary claims, EOBs are attached, and they are filed the same. Payments can be applied from the primary payer, and denials and other payer responses will be automatically queued for our accounts receivable team member to handle.

With our technology, full electronic interfaces with all payer organizations will instantly upload procedure and patient data, verify eligibility, determine coverage, submit and adjudicate claims, negotiate electronic remittance, and achieve automated posting on the original claim submission. We are constantly posting payments and working denials and re-submissions to ensure your internal medicine practice gets reimbursed for all services and procedures.

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