Top Medical Billing for Gastroenterology

Top Medical Billing for Gastroenterology

Choosing a medical billing partner for accurate gastroenterology coding and billing can be hard. The healthcare agency needs a medical billing company that understands complicated gastroenterology billing guidelines, rules, terminology, and codes.

Proper coding for surgical procedures and services is associated with numerous specific procedure rules. With Medical Practice Management Resources, you get a partner who understands the gastroenterology business.

Complex Gastroenterology Coding and Billing

Due to various billing complexities, gastroenterology coding is difficult and requires an advanced level of understanding. To ensure optimal reimbursement, the billing company must understand what is involves in gastroenterology procedures, such as colonoscopies, colorectal cancer screenings, motility studies, and GI function tests. The biller must record appropriate Evaluation and Management (E & M) service levels and use appropriate modifiers (26, 51, and 59).

GI specialists who do not notice underpayments will see a 10% decrease in revenue. Our gastroenterology billing professionals understand the endoscopy and gastroenterology billing requirements in relation to monitoring underpayments. We use up-to-date software that accommodates for the various codes used in GI practice.

Why Outsource Medical Billing?

Medical Practice Management Resources employs certified coding and billing professionals, who work along with your practice to ensure you collect the highest reimbursement. Our billers stay in communication with your office workers, and they identify trouble areas, such as inappropriate modifier usage, underpayments, and denied claims.

Our medical billing and coding experts are well-equipped to handle your revenue cycle. We work to get payment for copays and deductibles, as well as appeal denied claims. We strive to make sure your gastroenterology practice is reimbursed for every procedure, medication, and product. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Insurance verification and authorization
  • Patient enrollment
  • Payment posting and reconciliation of accounts
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Patient collections

Benefits of Partnering with Us

With Medical Practice Management Resources, you get a dedicated billing manager on your project. He/she has extensive knowledge in coding for gastroenterology practices. In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of hepatological and gastrointestinal diseases, our billers are familiar with sub-specialty areas, such as therapeutic endoscopy, bowel diseases, gastrointestinal cancer and prevention, pancreatic disease, and endoscopic surveillance.

Other advantages to partnering with us include:

  • AAPC-certified coders proficient in ICD-10, ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS codes.
  • Medical billers who are knowledgeable about NCCI edits and who can code correctly for complicate gastroenterology procedures.
  • Audits to check missing or illegible documents and authorization numbers, to ensure accuracy before bills are sent to patients.
  • Up-to-date on reimbursement policies of major insurance companies, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross.

Reports, Appeals, and Analyses

With Medical Practice Management Resources, you get documentation audits, denial and appeal management, and detailed reports and analyses.

  • Denial and appeal management – In this day and time, denials are inevitable. However, our billing professionals work hard to mitigate denials and appeal them. We don’t bill patients directly before all efforts with the insurance company is exhausted.
  • Documentation audits – Our clients receive ongoing feedback regarding insufficient documentation and areas for improvement. Our medical billing staff are PCA-certified physician chart auditors. We notify doctors when their documentation is lacking, and we offer proper education and helpful tips.
  • Detailed reports and analyses – Our clients will get many reports monthly and on demand. We offer productivity reports, practice summaries, procedure reports, and average payment per case analysis. These reports are also customized to fit your healthcare facility’s needs.
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