Medical Billing for Urgent Care Centers

Medical Billing for Urgent Care Centers

Today’s freestanding urgent care centers face many ongoing financial and operational challenges. As healthcare shifts toward outpatient care, patient volumes are on the rise, which makes it difficult for front desk office staff to incorporate medical billing into their daily job routines. Because urgent care involves many diagnoses, services, treatments, and procedures, canstockphoto26254462your healthcare facility should consider partnering with an urgent care center medical billing company.

Freestanding urgent care centers must adhere to certain billing and coding guidelines. Unlike hospital emergency rooms, these centers don’t have their own set of CPT codes. Providers must work with existing codes to bill for their services. In addition, doctors working in an urgent care center must know what office visit Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes they can or can’t use.

Comprehensive Services

Provider enrollment and credentialing has proven to be quite complex. Each payer has a different set of contracting requirements. Payers also vary when it comes to patient referrals, deductibles, and copayments. Payers will always diversify their products, and these requirements only are becoming more complicated. Urgent care medical providers need to be in network with virtually every insurance company. That’s a lot of paperwork.

Medical Practice Management Resources employs professionals who are credentialed by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and who have mastered billing and coding guidelines pertaining to urgent care centers. We understand what is required to bill for services you provide, based on payer-specific physician contracts. This will help our clients maximize appropriate reimbursement.

Benefits to Partnering with Us

MPMR’s Medical Billing Services offer:

  • Durable medical equipment (DME) billing – Not all payers will let providers bill for DME and E/M on the same claim. Because some payers require a separate claim for DME, we understand how to correctly file these claims. We ensure accurate reimbursement for all Knee Braceprovided DME and supplies.
  • Revenue projections – Our medical billing professionals can predict the payment per case for any freestanding urgent care center. To do this, we use projected payer mix and volume. Freestanding healthcare centers use this information to plan budgets and make business decisions.
  • Ongoing staff education – Doctors do not have time to learn complex medical billing rules and regulations. We offer ongoing staff education so your personnel become more effective and efficient at checking for referrals, verifying insurance information, obtaining demographic data, and collecting copayments.
  • Ongoing support and advice – Our medical billing professionals receive new information regarding urgent care billing and ever-changing regulatory requirements. We notify our clients regarding these changes regularly. Whether its accountable care organizations, or IC-10, we will work by your side to make sure your urgent care center is ready for the changes.

Outsourcing Saves Money and Increases Reimbursement

When your urgent care center outsources medical billing, you save thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits. In addition, you do not have to deal with office supplies, purchasing, medical billing software, or computer equipment. Our medical billing company charges a flat rate per claim, so it is less costly than having medical billing and coding staff in-house.

Billing interruptions in an urgent care facility affect the timeliness of reimbursements, and inevitably, your cash flow. Using a medical billing service will allow you a continuous, steady flow of claims. As claims go out, cash comes in. A steady cash flow is necessary for the health of your urgent care practice.

MPMR offers first rate medical billing for urgent care centers nationwide. There are certified coders and expert billers to maximize your revenue. Call us today!

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