Medical Billing for Pulmonology

Medical Billing for Pulmonology

Medical billing has become increasingly difficult, with complex requirements, strict guidelines, and changing codes. You rely on your billing company to generate revenue for your medical practice. But are you getting paid for all your services? Experts have found that specialty providers lose around 20-30 percent of their reimbursement due to ineffective billing. Interventional pulmonologists must perform advanced and complicated procedures, but reimbursement for the skill, time, and effort involved has not kept up with other specialties. Changes under the Affordable Care Act has affected the current system of funding, and without proper billing, you could be losing thousands. With Medical Practice Management Resources, our main focus is maximizing reimbursement to get you paid for every procedure and office visit.

Pulmonology is an associative branch of medicine, and it is gradually evolving into a dedicated specialty for diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the respiratory system. Ideal for diverse billing needs, our professional medical billers and coders use a sequential medical billing management system that allows for service of the most busy and high functioning practices. With Medical Practice Management Resources, we provide:

• Patient enrollment
• Insurance enrollment
• Patient scheduling
• Insurance verification and authorizations
• Complex coding
• Billing and reconciling of accounts
• Denial management and appeals
• Physician credentialing

Advanced Technology and Electronic Records

With Medical Practice Management Resources, we use a compliant electronic medical recording system and the latest billing software. Our coding regimen conforms to HCPCS supply codes, CPT procedure codes, and ICD-CM diagnosis codes. We offer a competitive advantage through electronic medical billing that allows us to analyze denied claims and make follow-ups for claim realization, provide daily or weekly pulmonology billing reports with CPT and ICD code analysis, and participate with all the leading major health insurance providers.

Our billing team works closely with physicians and office staff to submit accurate, clean insurance claims to government healthcare programs and private insurance companies. Our comprehensive services involved detailed billing and charge entry, as well as cash posting, reconciliation, and issuing patient statements. We handle all billing calls and questions, and will discuss payment options individually with each patient to ensure your practice receives payment for all services.

Why Choose Us

There are many advantages to partnering with Medical Practice Management Resources. We have a deep familiarity with pulmonology procedures and medical terminology, and the success of your billing requires broad expertise in order to collect all money due. Medical Practice Management Resources is your cost-effective pulmonary disease billing service. Our company as many pulmonology billing and coding specialists who have expert management skills in collections and claim submission.

Benefits of partnering with us:

• HIPAA compliance
• Competitive rates
• No hidden costs or start-up fees
• Weekly updates on work status
• Multi-level QA checks
• 24/7 technical assistance
• Weekly customized reports

Pulmonary-Specific Codes

Certified pulmonary specialist coders are trained and qualified to bill and code for pulmonary medical practices. Our coders understand that medical coding is a critical element of billing, and if not cone properly, it can hinder clinic operations. Our billing and coding professionals are quite familiar with the regulations and guidelines of supervision codes and unique coding for pulmonary function tests, simple spirometry, and other services. We are familiar with which codes are now bundled together under the 2015 changes of the guidelines.

It is also important that expert coders understand the various procedures and diagnoses in pulmonary medicine. Errors in evaluation and management coding are of a concern for many practices. Many government agencies and regulatory bodies place focus on E/M because of the trends in over-coding and under-coding for services. Medical Practice Management Resources’s certified coding professional review documentation to assure that all claims are coded appropriately.


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