Medical Billing for Podiatry

Medical Billing for Podiatry

Medical Practice Management Resources has a team of professionals with the billing knowledge and experience regarding podiatry, which allows us to streamline the complex billing processes in this specialty. With podiatry medicine being so different than other specialties, our billing professionals know how to navigate the complexities in this field, whether billing for something routine, or coding for a complicated foot surgery. We place high emphasis on claim follow-up and reimbursement, making sure you get adequate cash flow.

Our billing company has gained much experience in podiatry medicine over the past 20 years, and this provides us a solid background in claim submission and addressing complicated issues regarding billing. We monitor each claim life, from its submission through the clearinghouse to its ultimate reimbursement by the government or third party insurance company. We provide spot checking of physician notes to ensure accurate coding and documentation. This proactive approach to billing is the cornerstone for our success in podiatry-specific billing processes.

Our Goals for your Podiatry Practice

We actively educate all our podiatry clients regarding billing and coding changes in this field. Our goal is to obtain all allowed revenue as quickly as we can while ensuring that the doctors are aware of any improvements and changes in podiatry medical billing. Our ultimate goal is to act as an extension of the podiatry practice and to advocate on their behalf. Insurance companies are difficult to deal with if you don’t have the right billing and coding professionals. We make billing easy for you, so you can focus on what you do best – patient care.

Benefits of using Medical Practice Management Resources include:

• 2-3 business day coding turnaround via Internet, fax, or overnight courier, and we have ability to dial into your electronic medical record archives.
• HIPAA compliance and no off-shore work.
• Per-case pricing model that is inexpensive to stabilize cash flow. You only pay for what you need.
• A practical and cost-effective solution to your unique coding needs.
• Identification of documentation deficiencies with feedback at no additional cost.

Our services include:

• OIG and RAC audit defense
• Podiatry coding helpline services
• Documentation training services
• Podiatry coding accuracy audits with an educational report format
• Backlog podiatry coding resolution services

Challenges in Podiatry Billing

Podiatry billing often requires specific patient diagnoses and modifiers in order to get paid. Even more than that, there is a challenge to making sure the evaluation and management codes are reimbursed separately rather than bundled together for one payment. Because of our podiatry billing experience, we are able to submit a clean claim the first time, which improves timely processing. In addition, when claims are denied by an insurance carrier, we have the ability to quickly review and have those claims immediately reprocessed.

Podiatrist are foot-and-ankle surgeons who offer a variety of services. Our certified coders have a minimum of 3 years of single-specialty surgical coding experience, and they have to pass a demanding proficiency test in podiatry coding. This involves an accuracy rate of 95% or more on ongoing random Quality Assurance and Continuous Accuracy Improvement reviews in order to continue working with Medical Practice Management Resources. The coding for surgery involve knowledge of the NCCI data set, which includes 24,000 new active pairs, along with 869 modifier changes.

Many practices need to upgrade their billing expertise to properly track and follow-up insurance underpayments. Our billing experts believe that underpayments cost podiatrist around 10% of their probable income. Complexities of medical billing includes patient billing, which means the billing specialist often has to interact with patients. Our billing professionals know that cash flow depends on payments from patients who struggle understanding explanation of benefits and podiatry terminology.

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