Medical Billing for Urology

Medical Billing for Urology

The financial strength and success of your urology practice is a direct result of timely, quality billing and account reimbursement. With the continued changes in urology billing rules, it has become critical for urology practices to employ a billing company that has the expertise and experience necessary to navigate the complexities of urology billing. While new regulations may seem overwhelming, with careful practice analysis and planning, it is possible to manage a very successful urology practice under the new Global Surgery Package and Bundled Payments Model.

Medical Billing provides urology coding and billing experts who ensure maximum allowable reimbursement for your unique practice. Our professionals have the knowledge and proficiency to handle complex urology coding requirements set forth by government and third party insurance companies. Our billing staff know how and when to bill for urology surgical procedures, including multiple surgeries, team surgeries, and bilateral procedures.

Urology Practice Analysis

Medical Billing provides a complimentary benchmark analysis that evaluates the performance of your urology practice revenue with regards to regional and national measures. Our courtesy analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of many elements of your revenue cycle, which includes accuracy in billing, coding, and reimbursement practices. We also provide urology practice consulting services focusing on clams appeals, accounts receivable management, revenue analysis, and credentialing.

To minimize denied claims and lost revenue, medical billing oversees the implementation of a custom-fit revenue plan, which involves maximizing reimbursement. Our extensive healthcare billing experience and analytical problem solving strategies includes managed care payer contracts, specialized urology billing, coding, and claims appeals, as well as hospital facility partnership contracting.

Urology Practice Management

With Medical Billing, you get a wide variety of urology practice management services. To customized a menu of benefits for your practice, a urology practice management consultant will conduct a complimentary comparison to demonstrate how your business compares with other urology providers, practices, and medical facilities. The analysis results offer the specifics for coordinating the most comprehensive strategy for increasing your revenue.

Clients are welcome to choose one or a combination of our urology practice management services. These include:

• Claims appeal services
• AR management
• Urology billing
• Urology practice analytics
• Medical collections services
• Urology coding by certified professionals
• Provider credentialing
• Payer contract negotiations

Certified Coding for your Urology Practice

Effective medical billing involves appropriate urology coding. Medical Billing understands the challenges faced by urology facilities accustomed to ICD-10, ICD-9, and CPT coding. Our certified urology coders seamlessly integrate with your office staff, quickly familiarizing themselves with your urology practice. We custom design a menu of actions for your medical business by identifying trends and past billing problems. This helps accelerate revenue cycles with improved compliance. Our accredited coding professionals will:

• Provide increased efficiency
• Reduce compliance risks
• Evaluate and manage all urology coding functionalities
• Provide professional coding services
• Improve urology revenue through specific coding techniques

In order to improve your cash flow, it is important to have urology coders who specialize in urology and who understand the various requirements of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. In order to receive the maximum allowable reimbursements, all claims must be coded flawlessly. We focus on getting it right the first time to avoid any delays, denials, or costly errors. Our billing specialist can manage all aspects of your urology practice’s billing cycle, so you and your staff can focus on what you do best – patient care.

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