Medical Billing for General Surgery

Medical Billing for General Surgery

Complex requirements impact the entire process of coding and billing for general surgery. Adherence to these guidelines, along with meeting various state regulations, is imperative for adequate reimbursement. Medical Billing services have been helping general surgeons streamline their workflow for effective billing for years. We know the many requirements for general surgery billing, and we employ a tried-and-true formula to improve revenue, reduce costs, and keep your office running smoothly.

General surgery has not lost its sheen, with many general surgeon continuing to be the main choice for diverse procedures. General surgeons carry out minimal invasive surgeries for greater efficiency, as well as complex procedures that take many hours. Our medical billing professionals understand the technological advancements that impact the surgeon’s time and skills.

The Comprehensive Domain of General Surgery

General surgery medical billing involves a wide array of surgical procedures that are coded and billed under a comprehensive domain. These include:

• Laparoscopic procedures on appendices, gallbladders, and colons.
• Trauma surgeries, such as burr hole, intubation, cricothyroidotomy, and emergency thoracotomy.
• Colorectal procedures for diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, colon/rectal cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding, and hemorrhoids.
• Endocrine procedures on parathyroid and thyroid glands.
• Vascular surgeries involving varicose veins.
• Breast procedures such as mastectomy and lumpectomy.
• Dermatology procedures such as mole removal, fatty tumor removal, and skin grafting.

To better categorize and quantify the many general surgery procedures, the Physician Payment Reform created the nationwide Global Surgical Package. This consists of all services, surgeries, and procedures performed before, during, and after a surgery. Reimbursement involves all services that may arise during the surgery. Medical Billing has extensive training and knowledge of the Global Surgical Package.

Advantages of using Medical Billing

General surgeon can enjoy the benefits of using an outsourced billing company. These advantages include:

• Fewer coding errors – Over-coding or under-coding are problems many billing companies must face. These problems result in smaller claims reimbursement, rejected claims, and denied claims. Our billing and coding professionals have a system in place to reduce rejections and denials.

• Increased revenue – When you decrease expenses associated with in-house employees, it means higher revenue for your practice.

• Time for core operations – By eliminating in-house billing and coding, your organization has more time to focus on improved patient care and routine operations. This results in improved revenue and increased productivity.

• Saving on miscellaneous costs – Our billing and coding professionals are not involved in the routine daily operations of your surgical office. This means you provide no benefits, such as insurance, paid vacations, and bonuses.

• Advanced technology – The cost of software and computer equipment can add up. When you outsource your billing, you do not have to worry about purchasing updated software or equipment.

• Improved cash flow – As you know, billing interruptions affect cash flow. Using our billing company ensures you have a steady, continuous flow of outgoing claims and incoming cash. A steady cash flow is imperative to the health of your general surgery practice.

• Reduced billing errors – Certified, experienced billing professionals assure that your claims are submitted timely and correctly. Our main purpose is to bill for the client, so all our time and energy goes into reducing billing errors so every provider gets paid for services rendered.

• Ensures compliance with regulations – Healthcare is an ever-changing industry. Keeping up with these changes can be difficult for someone who has other job duties. With our medical billing company, you do not have to be concerned, as our staff maintains compliance with regulations and requirements for clean claims submission.

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