4 Ultimate Tips to Reduce Denial Rates in Medical Billing

4 Ultimate Tips to Reduce Denial Rates in Medical Billing

A denied claim is a medical billing and cash flow nightmare. If medical billing could be more accurate long with an effective denial management system, a practice’s cash flow and revenue will automatically improve.

The best denial management technique is to prevent denials in the first place. One of the leading medical billing services in Sacramento, Medical Practice Management Resources (MPMR), shares how the following steps can help doctors and health care providers lower their denial rates significantly.

Prior Authorization
A common sense yet great way to avoid many denials is getting prior authorization for every service required. By doing this ahead of time to ensure that each patient has the insurance available, future denials can be prevented.

Patient Eligibility
Check the eligibility of each patient so that you know about their coverage and benefits and avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Coding Errors
Coding errors are the biggest reason for claim denials. This went up with ICD 10 transition. To reduce errors, the new codes need to be double checked to avoid any coding and billing mistakes. A good medical billing company, such as MPMR in Temecula, employs highly trained and experienced coders and billers. They continually update their knowledge of the changes in billing and coding regulations so that there are minimum errors and maximum revenue for your practice.

Check and Recheck
You need to recheck all claims to avoid simple mistakes that would otherwise result in more denials. With small in-house staff, it may not be possible to handle these issues. But professional medical billing services, such as MPMR in Sacramento, have staff specially trained and employed to do so. That reduces errors and improves cash flow.

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