Attributes That Make for a Great Medical Coding Specialist

Attributes That Make for a Great Medical Coding Specialist

What does it take for someone to be a great medical coding and billing specialist? Medical coding and billing professionals are an essential part of any successful medical practice and those who are top-notch can make a big difference when it comes to filing successful claims, receiving reimbursements in a timely manner, and dealing with appeals. But what are some of the attributes that are important when it comes to being a billing specialist who is above and beyond all of the rest?


Motivation is a key aspect of medical coding and billing. The worker has to want to get it right canstockphoto6360781the first time. If they truly care about what they do, enjoy their job, and find the work to be satisfying and challenging, then chances are the coding and billing professional will have the impetus to strive for premium performance and positive results.

Attention to Detail

Detail has always been an important part of billing and coding, but with the advent of ICD- 10, the need to focus on specifics is even greater. Medical coders have gone from having to know and use 14,000 codes to having to master approximately 68,000. Since October 2015, when ICD- 10 was first rolled out, coding and billing has become much more comprehensive than it used to be. The ability to focus on details is required.

Communication Skills

A premium medical coding and billing specialist has to be able to communicate with a wide range of people. That may include medical office personnel, doctors, nurses, technicians, and payers, as well as others. Written and oral communication skills are important, and the ability to connect with individuals in a clear and concise manner cannot be underestimated.

Communication is key to getting a claim right the first time, dealing with rejected claims, and filing appeals. It’s also necessary when clarifying and rectifying your processing or analyzing systemic problems that may be creating challenges. The medical coding and billing professional is often the primary fiscal bridge between a medical practice and the payer. That means in order to be successful they have to be able to transmit a great amount of information in a clear manner.

Ability to Solve Problems

Ambulatory Surgery Center BillingOften medical coding and billing comes down to finding solutions. That means being able to understand and evaluate a problem, such as a rejected claim, and finding the answer in an efficient manner. If anything, a successful medical billing professional recognizes that a major part of their job involves fixing problems when they pop up.

Although medical coding and billing does involve quite a bit of data and information gathering and inputting, a major aspect of the job calls for one to be able to recognize potential problems, anticipating such, and taking care of them before they ever cause an issue. As an example, a great coder will recognize that a claim for a specific procedure is missing some of the additional codes that serve to specifically define the treatment. They know that submitting the claim in its present state will trigger a rejection, and are able to correct it.

Being Great at Your Job

The ultimate key to being a great medical coding and billing specialist is motivation. If those handling your medical practice’s invoicing care about doing quality work, then the other aspects that define a successful billing professional will follow.

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