How to Fix Your Medical Billing and Coding Problems

How to Fix Your Medical Billing and Coding Problems

Medical Billing and Coding Problems You Have to Fix

If your medical practice or medical billing office is experiencing problems in receiving timely payments from insurers, there may be steps that you can take to remedy the situation. Often delayed payments, rejected claims, and new audits are caused by simple mistakes and a lack of attention to detail. Here are some medical coding and billing mistakes that need to be attended to in order to properly facilitate payments.

Patient and Billing Information

One of the most common mistakes involving claims is incomplete or inaccurate patient and billing information. This includes everything from a patient’s name, date of birth, or address to Medical Billing Companyinsurance information, including inaccurate recording and reporting of group or personal insurance identifiers.

Although this is a relatively simple problem to fix, as it’s often caused by either the inadequate processing of information or mistakes in basic recordkeeping, it can become habitual. Review your process for gathering such information and the manner in which individuals are handling such data. Take time to clarify specific steps in the process to ensure all information is gathered in a thorough and proper manner.

Incomplete Coding

Incomplete coding may be related to the “I’ll take care of it later” syndrome. This type of attitude and the resulting lack of complete coding is often caused by excessive workloads, disorganization, and long days. If you find that incomplete forms are being passed along to the medical coding and billing office routinely, take some time to assess the situation and solve any problems associated with the this occurrence.

This problem may be solved by creating a process that demands all codes are entered right after a patient is seen, by developing a manner for tracking forms with incomplete codes and designating when they are complete, or by hiring additional personnel to address the overpowering workflow.

Inaccurate Coding

imagesInaccurate coding is different than incomplete coding in that a form may have all of its coding completed, but those codes may not be the correct ones. With inaccurate coding, medical claim forms may be lacking certain additional codes designed to clarify what services, treatments, and products have been offered, the wrong codes may have been used, or the codes may have been incorrectly recorded.

Whatever the case may be in order to run a medical practice that enjoys sound cash flow it’s essential that every person involved in coding be as accurate as they possibly can. An overwhelming workload, improperly trained personnel, or a flawed process are some of the common culprits when there’s a propensity for inaccuracy.

Problematic SOAP Notes

SOAP notes that are recorded by nurses, physician’s assistants, doctors, and others are very important, as they serve as the basis for all medical insurance claims. Thus, SOAP notes that are inaccurate or incomplete can cause delays in processing claim forms and can hamper your ability to collect payments.

Backlogs in Processing

If your medical practice is unable to keep up with billing, this can lead to inaccurate reporting, late submission of claims, and lost payments due to missed deadlines. If your processing time is elongated and your backlog seems to be growing, consider retraining personnel, hiring more medical coding and billing staff, or, if still billing from your office, look into hiring an independent company to perform your medical coding and billing tasks.

Finding Solutions

Once you have identified a problem, work towards discovering and implementing a solution as soon as possible. Doing so will allow you to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce claim rejections and appeals, and create a steady flow of cash from payers.

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