The Medical Billing Company and Doctor’s Office– Working Together

The Medical Billing Company and Doctor’s Office– Working Together

If you have hired a company to handle your medical coding and billing, it’s important that you work together. Outsourcing tasks associated with invoicing and generating payments can be to your benefit, saving you time, effort, and money. Plus, it can result in faster processing, quicker payments, and enable a more focused approach and improved efficiency on the part of your medical staff.

However, if you do hire a medical coding and billing company that does not mean that you won’t be able to completely withdraw from the process. Along with making sure you and your staff does their part in providing the company with the information they need to perform their duties, you’ll need to work with the billing company in various ways. Doing so will help ensure their success, and with that, your success also.


Communication between your medical office and the billing and coding company is exceptionally important. If there are problems, questions, or concerns, they need to be Physicians Billing Serviceaddressed quickly and immediately. Doing so may mean making daily check-ins, having weekly meetings, and taking part in spur of the moment calls or sending quick emails.

If expectations are not being met on either end, this should be addressed quickly. If there is a problem with process, documents, recording, or reporting, then these issues should be dealt with immediately. With medical coding and billing, letting issues ride and play out rather than directly discussing them can lead to frustration, anxiety, and anger, jeopardizing the relationship between medical practitioners and the medical billing and coding company.

Clarity Regarding Responsibilities

Knowing what each entity is responsible for is essential if you want this partnership to perform at an optimum level. That means that duties, deliverables, and responsibilities must be outlined in written form. A contract or some type of agreement that outlines what is expected, including costs, is important. If this is done, both parties will be able to function more efficiently and there will be a greater chance for success.

Two-way Access to Data and Records

Both entities need to be able to access the data and records necessary to perform their jobs. Providing access is important in processing, correcting, and appealing claims. A system that allows the practice to check on the status of claims and that permits the easy sharing of information will help to reduce time spent on questions and concerns. It will also help to diminish confusion.

Security and HIPPA

Of course, if two different companies are sharing sensitive patient information, it’s important hipaa-compliant-websitethat they offer a safe and secure environment for doing so. HIPPA rules and regulations must be followed, and all communication must be done in a manner that protects patients. This is the responsibility of both parties.

Timely Reports and Audits

As mentioned earlier, communication is an essential aspect of any relationship between a medical practice and a coding and billing company. One aspect of communication that needs to be addressed is that of timely reporting regarding the effectiveness of claim submissions. Also, internal audits are always helpful when it comes to understanding how well the processing of medical bills is working and in identifying and correcting any problems.

Working Together is Important

When a medical practice outsources its medical coding and billing it becomes involved in a professional relationship that demands clear and concise communication. Making sure that patient information is safe and secure and that duties and expectations of your medical office and the billing company are carefully delineated will help to ensure that all involved can work together.

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