Overview of Medical Billing for General Surgery Practices

Overview of Medical Billing for General Surgery Practices

General surgery billing involves a variety of procedures. Procedures under the general surgery category must be performed by a physician who is fully credentialed and qualified to perform these surgeries. Medical billing for general surgery practices requires a certain level of expertise and skill.

What are Global Surgical Packages?

To better categorize and quantify general surgery procedures, the nationwide Global Surgical Package was created by the Physician Payment Reform (PPR). Global Surgical Packages consists of all services and procedures performed by the physician before, during, and after the surgery Medical Billing for General Surgeryor minor procedure. Reimbursement from Medicare includes payments for all services and any complications that may arise during the surgery.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding for General Surgery

Surgeons who perform minor and major surgeries could enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their medical billing. These advantages include:

  • Increased revenue – Hiring a medical billing company could decrease employee expenses as well as office expenses. This results in higher revenue.
  • Fewer coding errors – Many billing companies face problems of over-coding and under-coding, which can result in smaller claims reimbursement and rejected claims. When you outsource your medical billing and coding, you can ensure better rates on accepted claims and reduction in denials and rejections.
  • Time for core operations – When you eliminate the role of billing and coding inside the office, your organization has more time to focus on important operations, such as patient satisfaction and improved patient care. Care providers can use their time to provide services for patients, which results in increased productivity and improves revenue.
  • Advanced technology – Our medical billing service uses up-to-date technology, including billing software and electronic health records. This means using certified coding specialist and medical billers who are trained in the latest technology.
  • Saving on miscellaneous costs – Remote medical coders and billing companies are not involved full-time in the daily operations of the surgical office. This means you do not have to provide benefits. By outsourcing your billing, you decrease miscellaneous costs in the healthcare facility.
  • Reduces billing errors – Professional, experienced medical billers will assure that your claims are submitted correctly and timely. A medical billing company’s main purpose is to bill for the client, so their time and energy goes into reducing billing errors so you get paid for services rendered.
  • Improves cash flow – Billing interruptions will affect cash flow. Using an outsourced medical billing service ensures a steady, continuous flow of claims going out and cash entering the account. This steady cash flow is necessary for the success of a general surgery practice.
  • Ensures billing compliance with regulations – Healthcare is a changing industry. Keeping up with the changes in Medicaid, Medicare, and third party payors is a full time job. With a medical billing company, you don’t have to be concerned with these regulations and requirements, as we do this for you, maintaining compliance and clean claims submission.
  • Use of certified coding specialists – With our medical billing company, you get the satisfaction of knowing your claims are processed by certified coding specialists. Our trained coders use the latest technology to assure correct billing occurs.

With our medical billing resource center, you can increase revenue while decreasing the headache associated with in-house billing. You cannot afford to lose 10-20% of your receivables, which is the percentages of loss seen with in-house billing operations. We have the experience, education, and technology to interpret medical notes for better claim submission. Our knowledge of modifiers, bundling, and regulations ensures that you are not left without proper reimbursement.

MPMR offers first rate nationwide medical billing for general surgery practices. Not only will MPMR increase your revenue, but also your office efficiency as well! Call today for a complimentary consultation!

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