Overview of Medical Billing for Anesthesia Practices

Overview of Medical Billing for Anesthesia Practices

MPMR offers an all-inclusive solution to medical billing for your anesthesia practice. Through diligent focus and charge, our staff does not stop until the payment you deserve is received from payors. You will greatly benefit from the experience and stability of our medical billing staff who provide optimum services for specialty medical billing.

Benefits of using Outsourced Specialty Medical Billing Services

We offer many things you cannot achieve through in-house billing. With our medical billing company, you get experience, accountability, and dedication to the job. Other benefits include:

  • HIPAA compliancecanstockphoto10496288
  • Dedicated charge entry
  • ICD-10, CPT, and ASA professional coders
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Daily auditing
  • Daily exception reporting
  • Daily insurance follow-up
  • Guarantor collections, involving letters and phone calls
  • Daily patient statements
  • Specialized reporting
  • Refund management
  • Provider credentialing

Our Transition Team

To assure smooth transition, each anesthesia practice client is assigned an account manager. This person works with you through the transition process, which involves a detailed practice analysis, as well as recovery of lost revenue. We evaluate the documentation flow and procedures to develop a comprehensive plan of action.

Simplify Billing and Remove Human Error

Anesthesia medical billing is different from the billing performed at hospitals and clinics. For anesthesia professionals, stringent federal guidelines must be followed. Anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists spend workdays providing patient care, so billing can easily be neglected. With the right software system, anesthesia medical billing can be streamlined and simplified. Because one minor mistake can produce a huge bill for the patient, there is no room for human error. With our medical billing company, we use many check systems to eliminate human error.

Breaking the Cycle of Lost Revenue

Anesthesia medical billingIssues with reimbursement to anesthesia professionals can occur easily when medical billing is not done properly. Busy medical practices may not catch mistakes until months later, if even then. This means the physicians are providing services for free and medication costs fall back onto the practice. To break the cycle of lost revenue, an anesthesia practice should be managed by competent billing professionals and account managers.

What you get Using our Medical Billing Service

Numerous perks come with outsourcing medical billing. Here’s what you get when your anesthesia practice is managed by our company:

  • Increased employee time for doing other tasks – The use of a medical billing service frees up key staff members to handle other important tasks, such as taking care of patients. Because we pay our staff with a percentage of collections, you do not have to keep employees on the payroll for billing and coding. This result in reduced salary payouts, decreased sick and vacation pay, and less payroll taxes and insurance payments for employees.
  • Software upgrades – When you have your own medical billing software, you must pay for upgrades as they come along. Because we deal with the insurance companies for you, you do not have to worry about the added cost of software upgrades.
  • Faster claims reimbursement – Using a medical billing company gives you quicker claims processing. In-house billing can take up to 90 days. With a professional company like ours, that timeframe is reduced to two weeks.
  • Complete service package – Medical billing companies offer comprehensive services to free up your resources and time. These include claims handing and processing, patient billing inquiries, insurance claim submission and monitoring, physician billing and coding, delinquent claim follow-up, insurance verification, as well as status reports and updates.

MPMR offers first rate services for anesthesia practices, including billing, coding and operational support. With a nationwide footprint, MPMR is a comprehensive company that truly will make a difference in your anesthesia practice’s efficiency and revenue!

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