Overview of Medical Billing for Pain Management Practices

Overview of Medical Billing for Pain Management Practices

Most anesthesia practices offer anesthesia for surgery as well as pain management interventional procedures. Because of the complexity of these types of practices, the coding and billing process requires skilled, knowledgeable people who follow payor guidelines.

How to Maximize Medical Billing Reimbursement

For a pain management center to remain competitive in the healthcare industry, it must embrace efficient management of revenue. This involves submission of accurate medical billing claims within the specified timeframe. For improved claim reimbursement and maximum cash benefits, outsourcing medical billing is a wise choice.

How to Avoid Rejection in Claims

Insurance claim processing procedures must be performed with accuracy and precision to canstockphoto2382311avoid data inconsistencies and coding errors, which are the main cause of claim rejection and denial. Because of busy schedules, healthcare providers in a pain management center may not have the time to give accurate information for proper billing. To prevent claim denials and rejections, the healthcare team must always be aware of the billing process.

Why Outsource Pain Management Medical Billing

To help medical practices like pain management centers, outsourcing companies are set up to meet the daily needs of the healthcare facility. Outsourcing the medical billing is a good way to assure that claims are filed timely and accurately. The company adheres to the newest procedures and norms in billing and coding, which is compliant with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

Benefits of using a Specialized Medical Billing Service

Using a pain management billing company will ensure the practice of many benefits, such as:

  • Reduced compliance risks
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • More time for core competencies
  • Decreased claim rejections and denials
  • Less paperwork inside the practice
  • Less expenses related to in-house employees
  • Use of advanced technology for medical billing tasks

Advanced Technology for Improved Collections

To effectively manage all aspects of the pain management center, most medical billing companies use advanced technology, equipment, and software packages. Trained professionals include quality analysts, AAPC certified coders, billing experts, and support staff. With the use of modern technology, a reliable medical billing company can cover all major tasks, including:

  • Patient enrollment
  • Insurance verification
  • Insurance enrollmentcanstockphoto3424844
  • Scheduling and rescheduling
  • Medical coding
  • Insurance authorizations
  • A/R follow-up and collections
  • Billing and reconciling of accounts

Quality Work through Outsourcing

When you employ a medical billing company that specializes in pain management, you will know that certain services and qualities are available. These include:

  • Stringent security and confidentiality of medical data and information
  • Precise solutions for quick turnaround
  • Excellent quality assurance
  • 100% HIPAA compliant procedures
  • Round-the-clock customer support solutions
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Competitive pricing and ensure 30-40% cost savings
  • Customized billing procedures

Erroneous Billing and Self-Audits

Pain management medical billing is one of the most erroneous in billing. This is related to claims that have been overpaid or mistakenly coded due to inconsistent documentation. Pain management billing is scrutinized to make sure reimbursements are received.

Pain management practices can greatly be affected by erroneous billing claims. At our medical billing company, we employ auditors that use comparative billing reports (CBRs) for discovery of red flags on a claim, as well as excessive claims from a medical facility.

Reducing Employee Turnover by Outsourcing Medical Billing

A common problem for many pain management practices is on-going employee turnover. The cash flow is compromised when a medical biller leaves. To cut costs of training new staff, use a reliable, experienced medical billing service such as MPMR.

With a nationwide footprint of pain management medical billing services, MPMR has experts in billing, coding and operational efficiencies. Credentialing and contracting can also be taken care of. Call for a complimentary consultation today!

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