Overview of Medical Billing for Gastroenterology

Overview of Medical Billing for Gastroenterology

Gastroenterologists know the concepts of the reimbursement system and how this system is crucial to a financially stable practice. For reimbursement, details of gastroenterology services are sent to third party payors (insurance companies).

Gastroenterology billing is a complex process, requiring accurate inclusion of all data. To maximize medical billing for your gastroenterology practice, consider outsourcing to an canstockphoto21296244established, competent medical billing company such as MPMR.

We Know how to Bill for Gastroenterology Procedures

With our medical billing service, qualified medical billers understand how to bill for sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, and other procedures. When not properly coded, billing can expose the practice to losses regarding procedures and diagnostics.

In addition, gastroenterology practices suffer underpayments, which result from improper coding procedures. Gastroenterology billing requires ability to properly identify the type of procedure and use of proper diagnosis codes to support fair, accurate payment.

Update System to Electronic Medical Records

Billing issues will effectively be reduced by applying numerous steps to assure that your records are accurate and up-to-date with current guidelines. You can protect your gastroenterology practice from adverse auditing outcomes and potential losses by performing certain internal tasks. Using electronic medical records (EMR) can drastically reduce time used for decoding and encoding. Additionally, EMR will decrease expenses involved regarding paperwork, faxing, mailing, and maintaining documents.

Up-to-Date Coding

Our gastroenterology medical billers keep up-to-date with coding requirements and regulations, which reduces the margin of error when documenting diagnostics and procedures. Our software is compatible with the ICD-10-PCS coding system, and we avoid penalties imposed by insurance companies due to insufficient patient data and non-compliance. Additionally, we follow the guidelines set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to prevent losses. Our billing staff’s regular compliance check is fine-tuned for documenting to support claims.

Maintaining Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management involves tracking claims processing at various points during the billing process. Gastroenterology providers can effectively address issues and concerns that arise during any point of the claims process to maintain a steady stream of revenue for the practice. Our medical billers keep up with disputed claims, unpaid claims, denied claims, and total revenue collected from an insurance company. In addition, our revenue cycle management system discovers areas requiring improvement. This helps you avoid audits and assures the practice is reimbursed and compensated for all services provided.

Our Industry Experience Works to Benefit You

The best medical coding and billing services have experience backing them up. We are in tune with what medical providers and facilities need so we can provide it in an efficient, competent manner. We pride ourselves on our work, so we keep in touch with the industry’s latest technologies and trends. Professional billing helps simplify your office tasks, and our use of cutting-edge technologies are economical.

Benefits of using an Outsourced Medical Billing Company

When you outsource your medical billing with an experienced, competent company, you reap many advantages. Here’s what you get with us:

  • ICD-10 readiness – Our company uses the 10th modification of the International Classification of Diseases coding system. This speeds up the billing process and assures that claims do not get denied.
  • Faster payments – We offer complaint, accurate, and timely return of your company’s documentation, which expedites and increases your revenue. Because we employ efficient coding, you can rest assured that claims will be cleaner and denials will be minimal.
  • Customer support – So that your staff can navigate the complex electronic system, we offer 24/7 customer support. This frees up key office staff and permits flow of billing.

Streamlined operations and workflow – We handle the documents pertinent to medical billing so you don’t have to. This includes coding guidelines, patient records, and other resources. Our secure system can also be accessed from mobile devices anywhere in the facility.

MPMR offers top medical billing services for GI practices. Gastroenterology physician billing  involves expertise, and MPMR has been providing top notch services for years. Call us today!

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