Overview of Medical Billing for Neurology

Overview of Medical Billing for Neurology

Neurology medical billing involves complex codes and frequent coding updates. For proper revenue management, claims must be processed appropriately. Our billing company can help you meet the daily challenges and hassles of navigating the difficult billing system.

Our Neurology Billing Services

MPMR medical billing company serves many specialty clients, particularly neurology. To help you stay compliant, we employ a team of highly trained and experienced coding professionals. Neurology coding ensures you get minimum denials and maximum collections by offering a complete range of services, such as:

  • Patient enrollment – Includes demographics and insurance information.
  • Insurance verification – We verify that the patient has the insurance.
  • Appointments – Involves scheduling and re-scheduling.
  • Medical coding – Includes assigning the appropriate procedural and diagnostic codes.
  • Accounts receivable collections – Involves patient collection, insurance collection, and follow-up on old accounts.

AAPC-Certified Medical Coders

Our billing specialist are AAPC-certified coders who have a good understanding of ICD-10 and CPT codes. Without proper coding, claims will be denied and revenue will decline. All you, the client, has to do is provide diagnoses, and we code to support the services provided.

Benefits of Using Our Company

  • Improved profitability – Approximately 60% of neurologists do not feel like they are fairly compensated. We prevent disruption of billing related to industry changes and focus on billing for maximum reimbursement.
  • Mobile efficiency – Many neurologists do not have time to oversee medical billing. With our electronic system, you can access your schedule, approve refills, view patient charts, and have more flexibility in your daily routine.
  • Better patient care – Because our electronic system has rapid charting capabilities, intelligent task management, and real-time patient flows, you can make the most of your patient care time.
  • Reduced payor denials – Our collection system include aggressive appeal on denied claims. This increases cash flow and lets the insurance industry know that your facility is not going to accept denials on a regular basis. It is estimated that the number of denied claims has increased to 18% over the past decade. This can be costly to a neurology practice.
  • Lowered employee costs – When you employ in-house billers, you have to consider FICA, insurance, and payroll taxes, as well as the cost of administering for these things. When you use an outsourced company, you take advantage of experienced medical billing services and do not have to worry about training and maintaining billing staff.
  • Eliminate expenses and unnecessary hassles – This includes medical biller salary and benefits, computer hardware and software purchases, clearinghouse fees, postage, stationary and paper supplies, office space, and training costs.
  • Reduce employee turnover – On-going employee turnover is common in medical practices. If a key medical biller leaves or goes on leave, it can compromise cash flow. Using a medical billing company helps you avoid these problems altogether.
  • Cheaper fixed cost – When you outsource medical billing, your cost goes down and collections go up. Your employee costs can remain fixed, regardless of your billing needs, and you only have to pay a percentage of what is collected.
  • Expert coding and billing – Medical billing and coding is a complex process, best left handled by experts. Many neurology offices accept multiple insurance plans, which have variable rules, different benefits, and varying payment schedules. We understand these problems and are specially trained to address them.

MPMR offers nationwide medical billing services, with neurology included. If you need top notch physician billing for your neurology practice, call MPMR today!

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