Multi-Specialty Practices and Medical Billing and Coding

Multi-Specialty Practices and Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding can be a very complicated venture, especially when that coding is associated with a multi-specialty practice. Thus, if a medical practice focuses on a range of medical areas, such as a combined practice that includes orthopedics, physical therapy, and medical weight loss, billing and coding can become more complex. However, there are ways in which a multi-specialty practice can ensure that its complicated medical billing issues are successfully addressed.

Look for Experience

First of all, when considering a medical billing and coding service look for one that specifically works with specialists such as MPMR. Some companies have a lot of experience in this area. Find out if they have offered services to the various kinds of specialists that are involved in your practice. MPMR has worked with over twenty specialties successfully along with ambulatory facilities.

If they have, that’s a big help, as they will have less of a learning curve due to the fact that they already possess a good sense of what’s involved in creating viable medical claims for each specialty. If you cannot find a company that meets all of your needs, then look for one that has experience in working with a wide range of specialists, as that company is more likely to be adaptable and to be able to provide you with the type of service that you require rather quickly.

Organize Your Billing

It is important that you keep your billing organized according to specialty. With the advent of ICD-10 in October 2015, the medical coding landscape will become a lot more confusing and specialty related. Coders must handle much more detail and information when it comes to completing a medical claim form. Thus, the more organized that your practice can be, the more efficient your billing specialist can be.

Also, consistency is important in medical billing. When providing information to your billing company you should offer it in a manner and format that is consistent. Don’t change how you send or present information without first checking with them. In the first few weeks of working with a new company, check to make sure that you are sending them the information that they need in a manner that makes it easily accessible and usable.

Communicate Clearly

Clear communication will be key. You may want to assign one point person in your office who can work with the medical billing and coding company when they have questions, concerns, or problems. Or, if one person is not knowledgeable enough about all disciplines, then perhaps you can assign one staff member for each specialty.

Your primary goal is to communicate with your coding and billing company in a manner that will help them facilitate your medical insurance claims. If you can so that, then you’ve created a situation where they can succeed and you can receive your payments without delay. That will help to make life a lot simpler and easier for those in your practice and the medical billing and coding specialists.

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