A Brief Concept about Medical Billing and Coding

A Brief Concept about Medical Billing and Coding

You might have come across innumerable print and TV advertisements about a career in the field of medical billing and coding. These advertisements generally come from career schools providing students with the right education and training. It is to be noted that the industry for medical billing is filled with diploma mills and scams. Therefore, it is important that you carry out a thorough research on medical billing schools prior to attending them. Getting an idea about the schools is not just enough. You also need to have a good concept of the different types of careers that you can choose in this field. One such career where you have good earning opportunities is the physician billing service.

medical billing and coding

Medical Coding


What do you mean by Medical Billing and Coding?

The medical authority or a patient works with the patient and his or her insurance company for claims in cases where patients need to go through medical procedure or examination. The biller submits and even follows up all the claims for receiving payment for the services offered by a health care provider. The entire procedure involves having a brief idea about different codes with each code representing a medication, diagnose and a symptom. This is done for processing the claims in the proper manner. This is the reason why, it is essential for the medical billing and coding experts to undertake proper training as well as preparation required for emerging successful in this field. The health care arena is completely dependent on qualified and skilled medical insurance billers as well as coders for accurately recording, registering and tracking the account of all the patients.


What does a Medical Biller do?

The people working in the field of medical billing and coding are basically health care experts. They do the task of processing patient data like insurance information and treatment records. The work of a medical insurance biller and coder is coding the diagnosis of a patient along with the request for proper payments from the insurance company of the patient. The main job of a medical biller is ensuring that every patient is being billed in an accurate and correct manner. A biller is also required to talk with health insurance companies and patients regularly for making sure that payments for all invoices are made on time. Medical billers need to have a basic understanding of coding language and the procedure of reading medical invoices.

What does a Medical Coder do?

Medical coders do not need to interact with patients and insurance companies on a very wide scale. Their job is spending time in coding and in assessing data. Each and every duty which is carried out at any medical office is assigned a specific code and the duty needs to be coded in the best way possible for ensuring proper billing. Medical coders and billers generally work together for making sure and payments for all invoices are made in the proper manner. It is the decision of the medical billing and coding company to choose either one employee for both job functions or two separate employees for coding and billing.


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