Utility of Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Medical Treatment

Utility of Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Medical Treatment

Ambulatory surgery centers, which are also called ASCs, serve in the form of modern health care organizations. These facilities are focused on offering same-day surgical care which includes diagnostic as well as preventive processes. These have transformed outpatient experiences for thousands of people by offering more convenient options to outpatient procedures which are hospital based. The ASCs provide their services with a very strong track record of positive results and quality care. Specialties served at ASCs include urology, pain management, orthopedics, GI, plastic and ophthalmology. Ambulatory surgery center billing also tends to be quite nominal which good news is for people who like to go for outpatient procedures.

The Myth

Ambulatory surgery centers should not be taken as rural health care providers, ambulatory centers providing primary health and diagnostic service and urgent care organizations. These are centers that treat only those patients who are under the supervision of a health care provider. These are patients that have selected surgery in the form of an effective treatment for their health condition. They should also not be taken as physician’s offices. It is mandatory for ambulatory operation centers to possess a minimum of one room dedicated to operations and for keeping the tools required for performing surgery safely. These centers are also required to provide top quality and efficient patient care.

ASCs Offer Good Care at Affordable Prices

It is quite true that the main focus of ASCs is to ensure that patients get top quality surgical experience. Apart from this, ASCs also make it a point to provide cost-effective medical care to their patients. This is the reason why ambulatory surgery center billing tends to be quite affordable for the patients. It has been estimated that the entire Medicare program along with its beneficiaries share over $2.6 billion in savings every year. This is because the program significantly pays very less for all the procedures which are carried out at ambulatory surgery centers in comparison to the rates which are paid to different hospitals for similar procedures. In addition to this, the co-pays for the patient are also lower when receiving health care at the ASCs. Patients also need to pay very less coinsurance for processes performed at the ASCs in comparison to the processes performed in hospitals. Thus, it can rightly be said that without the evolution of ambulatory surgery centers as a health care option, the expenditures on health care might have been quite exorbitant in the past four decades.

Safety and Quality Ensured

Taking into account the affordable ambulatory surgery center billing into account, it would be wrong to say that these centers compromise with their quality and safety standards. These centers are regulated by state and federal entities. Independent observers evaluate the quality and the safety of the health care provided at the ASCs. The independent observers carry out three main procedures for this evaluation and they are Medicare certification, voluntary accreditation and state licensure. Quality care and medical facilities have always been the hallmark of all ASCs from their days of inception.

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