How Mobile Devices Are Useful For Physician Practice Management Companies

How Mobile Devices Are Useful For Physician Practice Management Companies

The use of mobile devices has transformed many aspects of clinical practice when it comes to health care settings. This has given rapid growth to the development and utilization of medical software applications to assist health care professionals with important tasks, including time management, easy flow of information, healthy record maintenance and access, patient management and monitoring, communications, consulting, clinical decision making, medical education and training. They increase access to point-of-care tools to support improved patient outcomes.

Recent survey suggests that 9 in 10 healthcare providers have started using smartphones by 2015, and many have adopted tablets. These studies prove that there is indeed a tremendous opportunity in mobile health devices allowing the physicians to communicate and coordinate with patients more efficiently.

The mobile technology in healthcare premise was initially developed to capture, secure, and deliver health information in real time through the use of sensors, devices and hand held technology.

For example: apps to track activity of patients, wearable devices to measure vital signs and monitor glucose or insulin in the blood.

Today, mobile devices help the providers to connect and communicate better with other providers on health related information in the form of Encrypted messaging apps, care coordination apps that track patient’s encounters with the systems, apps that deliver real time clinical information and content specific to patients’ disposition.

Here are five ways mobile devices are useful for physician practice management companies:

Connecting the care team:

There have been incidents when a care team has been dispersed with different IT systems to the site of emergency, contributing to missed opportunities to coordinate care. With the help of mobile health devices the entire care team can stay connected in real time and in one virtual location. This will help in better participation in decision making of the patients.


Immediate access to clinical information:

 Healthcare providers make decisions based on clinical information stored in an EHR. This process is time consuming and inefficient at the same time. With the advance mobile health solutions integrated with RHR, important clinical information can be delivered to the right person, centralizing each member with patient-specific information. This ensures everyone on the care team has the latest clinical and care plan information and no more time is wasted in running to the EHR workstation, but rather invested for care team collaboration and patient care.

Efficient coordination:

United States has approximately 2.6 million registered nurses, 60 % of them work in the acute-care setting spending about 20% of their time coordination care. Mobile devices enable rapid communication, improved care coordination and saves time – all factors leads to effective patient care and management.



Reduce avoidable ER visits:

According to a 2010 report, hospital ER visits, admissions and re-admissions alone cost the country at least $39 billion annually. With the introduction of mobile health tools, the physician and ER staffs can coordinate in real time about patient’s clinical information, thus reducing avoidable ER visits.



Satisfied patient:

Admission in a healthcare system is a daunting task. When the providers miss out on the information of a patient’s care team, this gives rise to confusion. As they move through, the care team changes which bring more complexity. Since the patients are not aware of their care team, they are bound to get frustrated and irritated. Mobile healthcare devices can keep a track of the details shared among the physicians and staff in real time, giving insight to the patient and assuring them that the team is aligned and focused on their swift recovery.

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