How to Find an Ace Medical Office Staff

How to Find an Ace Medical Office Staff

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘A doctor is only as good as their staff‘? The article is focused on enlightening the key fundamentals to consider when hiring a medical officer or, billing staff.

The team members you choose, from back office of the medical practice, whether a staff to help manage an appointment, or provide necessary information on insurance – all work towards making your company better. Patients at hospitals will have to interact with all office members before actually seeing the doctor. A dedicated, compassionate, skilled team is a must in any organization. If the patient has to deal with a trained and pleasant staff, your practice will benefit at large.

However, if the staff is unskilled in billing and coding, the interaction could turn unpleasant and you might have to suffer the consequences. No show of patients, incorrect filed claims and lowered revenues – exactly opposite to what you wish and aim for your practice.

The question is: What’s a physician need to do? How can they find ace candidates?

Read on to lean more on what are the criteria and qualities physician practice management companies should look for in a candidate.

Understand that hiring candidates for your practice is an investment of time, but if you get it right, you can expect potential benefits, satisfied patients, proper billed claims and most importantly higher revenues. Medical and billing department are the financial foundation of your medical office and it’s important to choose a right candidate for better growth of your organization.

Pick the right resume:

Once you have gone through the resumes, select the best five candidates with extensive experience in similar field. Look for different grades, strong background depending on the open position. It’s always better if the candidates are certified coders.



Conduct telephonic interviews:

When you have decided on the best five resumes, conduct a brief phone interview for 15- 30 minutes with each candidate in order to rate their knowledge of the job. The interview should also be focused in understanding the personality of the applicant.



Face-to-Face interview:

Invite the selected candidates for face-to-face interview. This should not exceed more than an hour and must be done in the presence of the management. After the interview, sit down with the management and hear on the opinions and their perspective on the candidates. The collective decision helps evaluate the perfect fit for the medical practice.

Once a candidate gets through the last set of interview, he should be called for one final step, namely job shadowing. The candidate will have to shadow a handful of staff members to comprehend their job profiles, the pace, the system and the workload during office hours. This also makes sure the interaction takes place between the candidate and the employees, thus giving you the knowledge on how personalities will mesh later.

Medical office Staff should/must have these below characteristics:

  1. They should be open to learning new skills and must have passion to do and give in their best every day.
  2. They must have personality to engage as a team, work together, and fit the office dynamic – all contributing to running the office smoothly.
  3. Lastly, they should have prior experience in the field.

The hiring process will help find and retain highly skilled medical billers and coders and makes ambulatory surgery center billing less stressful.

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