Hassle free billing and coding

Hassle free billing and coding

Health care industry is at huge market today. We need treatment once or twice a year and we make sure that it is covered by our insurance. The same things are important for our doctors or health care service provider. They also want to get billed properly for the services they have delivered. Physicians today are joining the physician practice management companies or any other larger group, hospital in order to revolutionize and develop. However, there are also physicians who still practice on their own and run their own clinic. The key to survive in this industry without joining hands is to increase and expand their practice and take over other practices adjacent. However, persisting without a little bit of help alone can be bumpy. Managing finances and practicing together can be rough. Physicians and doctors can require help from the Medical billing and coding companies. They look after billing in a well-organized manner and cost-effective way too.


You might think how this system works. Many doctors don’t have their own billing system and the insurance company pay them based on their own terms and conditions. The insurance companies make sure that they have to pay the least amount. When doctor sends the bill they do their calculation and pay the minimum amount. Medical billing companies help the physicians and as well as the doctors.

Many people think that medical billers and coders are same. Well they are not. Medical coders check the sources on the patient’s reports and examine doctor’s notes, laboratory paperwork, tests approved by the doctor. They authenticate if the work has been done and then allocate them to ICD-9 codes, HCPCS codes and CPT codes to report the actions and let the medical biller know and then they go ahead and process the medical repayment from the insurance company.

These medical billers and coders use various kinds of software’s. There are new methods discovered every now and then. Below are mentioned few of the procedures and software’s used:

  • American Medical Association issued the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes and presently there are about 7,800 CPT codes ranging from 00100 – 99499 according to researchers. The fourth edition is used by U.S and some other countries and were intended in such a way that they can provide a even data set which will describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic facilities delivered to patients
  • The ICD-9-CM (International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification) coding system, associates patients with the health concerns of their, by using 3- 5-digit alphanumeric codes to specify signs, diseases, situations, injuries and symptoms to payers’ injuries, diseases, and disorders. These codes are used in blend with CPT (procedural) codes to record services delivered by a healthcare provider to a patient and is then stored in the medical record and then described to a payer for reimbursement.

This is how medical billers and coders help doctors and health care providers. Similarly, the same thing can be prepared for the ambulatory service centers. Ambulatory service center billings use a particular HCPCS code. They use it for a single process and each HCPCS code is assigned a set amount of payment to cover all expenses.

More people are choosing medical billers and coders for a proper calculation and reimbursement. With the help of these various software’s and techniques they have been able to get patients and doctors get compensated properly on time. To make this procedure more spotless different methods are in research mode.

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