Medical Billing and Coding Do’s and Don’ts

Medical Billing and Coding Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you handle medical billing and coding in your office or you’ve hired a group of professionals to oversee and implement the process of securing payment for services rendered, these do’s and don’ts can help you secure more payments the first time they are submitted to insurance companies and government agencies. Following some basic practices on a daily basis and avoiding others will greatly benefit your practice.

Do: Prescreen Insurance

Have a procedure in place where you prescreen a patient before they arrive for their medical canstockphoto6360781appointment. That way there are no surprises for them or for you. Too may times a doctor is left holding the bill due to the fact that they did not bother to find out if a patient’s insurance would cover their visit.

For many practices the procedure of prescreening can inhibit their ability to provide services to patients presently in the office. One solution is to have a medical billing and coding company take care of all prescreening activities.

Do: Document Patient Check-In

It’s important to carefully document every aspect of treatment including patient check-in. Check-in procedures should include the following:

• Confirmation of patient identity
• Confirmation of insurance
• Confirmation of reason for visit
• Confirmation of payment policy

This simple but important process can help to reduce the risk of medical billing issues, including those related to the accurate filing of insurance claims and collection of co-pays. If a patient is known, it is still important to check to see if their insurance has changed and to confirm the reason for their visit.

Do: Double-Check Billing

Whether you outsource your billing and coding or you have someone in your practice that takes care of these duties, it is very important that you have some system for double-checking all information before it is sent to the next level. The simplest mistakes, such as improper identification of a patient, inaccurate medical codes, and incomplete information, are also the most common mistakes that result in a large number of rejected insurance claims.

Don’t: Put Off Appeals

If you have a medical claim rejected by a payer, it is important that you address it in a timely manner or you stand to lose that payment. This is an area where those medical practices that handle their own billing and coding often fail due to the volume of work with which they must deal. One way to countermand this situation is to work with a professional medical billing and Physicians Billing Servicecoding company that will have effective procedures in place for dealing with rejected claims.

Don’t: Negate Professional Services

You may have considered hiring a professional medical billing and coding company but have decided for various reasons that it is not worth it. Many times a medical practice will negate the need for and benefits of professional services before they have completely investigated how they may be of help. Remember that a medical billing and coding company can provide you with a wide range of services, including confirming patient insurance benefits, submitting claims to payers, and handling denials, appeals, and audits. The result is maximum efficiency for your medical practice in interacting with patients, offering medical services, and receiving payments.

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