What Your Practice Needs to Know About Medical Coding

What Your Practice Needs to Know About Medical Coding

If you are a doctor and have decided to outsource your medical billing and coding to a professional provider, that does not mean that you can simply forget about the process of medical coding. Perhaps you had an in-house provider of this service and found that it was simply too time-consuming, difficult, and expensive to administer.

Medical billing and coding requires resources, including labor, space, and software, and with constant changes and updates, it can difficult for an in-house team to be effective. One of the things that hiring an outside provider will do is, hopefully, reduce your workload in this area.

However, as a medical practitioner, you still need to pay attention to various aspects of billing and coding. It is, after all, key to your being able to sustain you medical practice. Here’s what you need to know about medical coding.

How to Help Your Coding Team

Your medical billing and coding team is not on its own. In fact, their success is contingent upon you in many ways. They rely upon you to provide them with the information that they need to properly code claims and bill insurance providers. This includes accurate facts regarding a patient and their medical problem.

They also need you to send them that information as soon as possible so that they can facilitate the insurance claim. If they have gathered patient information, such as date of birth, name, and insurance provider, in a prescreening process then that will already be in their system. But if not, then that information along with data regarding the patient’s medical problems needs to be complete and sent to them.

Point Person

It’s very helpful if your medical billing and coding team has a designated person on your staff who they can contact when they have questions. This should be someone who can work directly with them, has access to medical records, and has at least some knowledge about medical coding and billing. They may not be able to answer every question, but they would at least be able to connect with the right person in order to get an answer fairly quickly.

Being in Touch

Although you have taken medical billing out of your office, you will still need to be involved in the process. This involvement includes contacting the company if you feel as if an issue regarding payments, accuracy, or responsiveness needs to be addressed. If you have any changes in your practice, such as an addition to your medical staff, a change in services offered, or a new procedure being provided, it’s extremely helpful to alert them of such.

What your medical billing ad coding company really requires is for you to communicate with them in a way that will allow them to do what they do best, secure payment for the services that you have provided to your patients. Offering them what they need in terms of coding and billing will create a situation in which everyone benefits.

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