Proper Medical Billing and Coding: One Way to Build Positive Patient Relationships

Proper Medical Billing and Coding: One Way to Build Positive Patient Relationships

If a medical bill is in order and properly explained and the billing and coding is done to specifications, a medical practice can enjoy numerous benefits. These include quick payments from insurance companies and government programs, a solid reputation as being honest and reliable, and positive patient relationships. Although many physicians may not first recognize the positive effects that sound physician billing practices can have on their patients, when they put themselves in the patient’s shoes this fact becomes clear.

Have You Ever Been Double Billed?

canstockphoto9049280If you have ever been billed twice for anything, you probably reacted with dismay, frustration, and, perhaps, even anger. Yet, time and again, many medical practices end up billing their patients for the same visit, procedure, or treatment twice. Often this is in error, but whether it is accidental or purposeful, it is not a good way to create positive customer relations. It also doesn’t help if the medical provider does the same with the person’s insurance company. This practice tends to go unnoticed by consumers, as they often don’t have to directly deal with that bill. But those who recognize the fact that they have been double billed in someway are, at best, disgruntled by the occurrence.

Would You Pay a Bill that’s Not Explained?

Often times consumers receive bills from doctor’s offices with little or no explanation, making them try to recall to what that invoice pertains. They may have to contact the billing office, insurance company, or doctor’s practice, but whatever the case may be, they end up spending their time on hold, searching for an explanation, and, after the call, often as confused as they were when they first received the bill. Generalized medical bills will often go unpaid until an adequate explanation is offered. A more detailed bill will keep the patient informed, reduce their frustration, and help to facilitate payment.

Can You Remember What Bill You Paid 1 or 2 Years Ago?


One of the major problems for consumers is the medical bill that arrives a year or longer after the service or treatment was performed. These are often charges that the patient believes were paid by the insurance company or of which the doctor’s office lost track. They are often generalized and lack the details necessary to jog the patient’s memory. Suddenly, they are forced to either take the time to investigate the charges, pay the bill, or forget it. More times than not patients will simply put this bill to the side, and it will go unpaid. Having an organized medical billing and coding system that is run by professionals will have negate this type of situation.

Proper Physician Billing Equals More Timely Payments

If a medical practice engages in accurate medical billing, they will enjoy faster payments from insurance providers, as well as more timely and complete balance payments from their patients. If your healthcare practice is experiencing billing difficulties, including those associated with patient payments, contact Medical Practice Management Resources, Inc. We will be glad to discuss our medical billing and coding support, helping you become more successful in collecting the balances that you are owed, while aiding you in creating more positive patient relationships.

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