Differences In Billing Procedures For Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Differences In Billing Procedures For Ambulatory Surgical Centers

An ambulatory surgical center, or ASC, is unique in the way they treat patients in that they perform surgery that is limited to outpatient procedures. Regardless of whether a patient is paying for their services under Medicaid, Medicare, or a private health insurance company, there are specific regulations and standards which apply to how those payments are made. As a result, ambulatory surgery center billing is uniquely complex and has even more opportunities for errors on the part of the coder or biller.

Control of Staff

One reason that many medical professionals in ASCs are hesitant to outsource to an ambulatory surgery center billing company is their preference for keeping the staff close by and within their control. They have the option to choose who they hire and determine their qualifications and knowledge of specific coding procedures first hand. While this may seem like a benefit of maintaining in-house billing, it can also be one of the biggest expenses and sources of stress. Often it shifts more responsibility onto the administrator or other Ambulatory Surgery Center Billingprofessionals in the center to find the qualified candidates, provide the needed training, and maintain a professional staff that is always up-to-date when standards change.

Complications with Dividing Your Resources

While the idea of having a single staff that is capable of handling billing and taking care of patient care or other responsibilities as needed may sound like the most efficient use of resources and time, the division of resources often has an impact on the quality of work and patient care that is given. In addition, when existing employees take time off or leave their position prior to hiring and training a replacement, cash flow is reduced and the work load continues to build. Facilities can fall far behind in their billing load and have difficulty catching up for an extended period of time.

The Cost of Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

For many ASCs, the cost of billing is the most important consideration in whether in-house or third-party billing is the best solution. Many underestimate the cost of hiring and training a professional staff, maintaining their salaries, and the cost of providing lower quality care for their patients. There is also the necessity for adequate space within the facility for the billing staff that could otherwise be put to use for providing patient care.

What Professional Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing Services can Provide

Hiring an outsourcing company to do your ASC billing can increase your revenue and create a more efficient billing system that will allow you to provide a better experience for your patients. Solutions that are tailored to your specific type of medical facility will provide you with experienced billers and coders who are up-to-date on the latest requirements. A more efficient process means that you get paid faster without the mistakes that result in delayed reimbursements or denials for coverage that is necessary for the patient. You have less expense towards staff and other resources in-house so that you keep more of your profits while also improving the overall patient experience.


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